Bob and Kalinda, a love story

Bob, an adorable black and white tuxedo kitty met Kalinda, a beautiful tabby/tortoiseshell after they were rescued by the non-profit West Coast Dog & Cat Rescue.  Both around 2 years old were destined to be soul mates.  Bob had been dumped out in the country and Kalinda thrown out of an apartment and left to fend for herself.  It was love at first sight for these two. Kalinda was terrified upon first coming to the shelter and Bob comforted and looked out for her.  They have been inseparable ever since.

Bob is one of the most affectionate cats you will ever meet.  He will follow you around like a dog, give head bumps and entertain you chasing toys. 

Kalinda, although still very timid and afraid of new people and noises, has made progress in a foster home and now approaches her foster people for pets and chin scratches and has even started to play. This loving pair are looking for a quiet home where Bob will quickly reward you with lots of love and with lots of patience, Kalinda will reward you with her loyalty after earning her trust.  Can you give this special pair a loving home?  Both are FIV tested, fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped.  Please call 541-225-4955 or visit