Home Vet focuses on comfort


“We’re very lucky to live in Portland because it is such an animal-centered community,” says Dr. Louise Mesher, veterinarian and owner of At Home Veterinary Services.  Mesher’s practice earned votes in seven categories – including top among veterinarians.  “I think in many other places I wouldn’t be able to do what I do for another 10 years — that’s how advanced we are here.” 

What she does is provide in-home veterinary care.  With a special interest in end-of-life and hospice care, Mesher also provides general care such as ultrasounds and bloodwork in the comfort and convenience of patients’ homes.  “The house call arena is really a unique thing that other people aren’t doing,” she says, “but for me, it is focused on the comfort and stress level of the animal.” 

At Home Vet’s business has been growing as word has spread that treatments and tests can be done at home, as well as euthanasia when needed.  Mesher does as much as she can to support geriatric or young animals who have terminal diagnoses, and their families.  “The animals aren’t quite ready to leave us, and the owners aren’t quite ready, but something needs to be done for their quality of life and there’s no better way to do that than at home.”  Mesher and her colleague, Dr. Heather Dillon, “just love, love, love” geriatric animals.  “There’s nothing better than helping them be more comfortable and giving owners peace of mind that they’re doing everything they can.” 

At Home Veterinary is also a great option for animals stressed by transport or a clinic environment.  “Middle-aged or young animals with chronic illnesses that need relatively frequent bloodwork or exams can have that kind of service in their homes,” Mesher says.  “We develop a lot of close relationships with these clients.  It’s more relaxed, more personal.” 

Mesher and Dillon have been friends since meeting in vet school.  Mesher graduated in 1999; Dr. Dillon has been practicing since ‘96.  Mesher began doing house calls for another vet in 2004. “I knew house calls were an underutilized type of vet practice and that there was a need for it,” she says, “and I knew that was what I wanted to do.”  She hired her first full-time technician in 2010 and has continued to grow.  Soon they hope to expand services from five to seven days a week. 

Mesher is grateful for the recognition she’s received, but more importantly, wants people to realize that at-home vet care is a viable option.  “A lot can be done at home,” she says, “and it is a really beautiful way to support your animal’s healthcare needs in a low-stress way.” 

At Home Veterinary Services

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