Tom Tom

Tom Tom.jpg

Listen to my drum-like purr and you will know where I got my name!  Scratch my head or rub my belly and you'll hear it.  I am very playful and adore catnip (who wouldn't!).  I am FIV positive so need to be an only kitty or in a home with another FIV positive cat.  Don't let this scare you, FIV cannon be passed to humans and I will lead a normal cat's life if kept indoors.  I am mellow and would love nothing better than to watch the world go by with you.  I have had a complete dental, been tested for leukemia, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and defleaded.  Take me home and you will also get a free first vet visit!  To meet me, call 541-225-4955 or visit