Animal lovers create new rescue

Ute Luppertz has long been “all about the animals.”  As the proprietor of Pet’s Point of View and Shiva’s Hope House, Luppertz’s services offer a variety of ways to help people form a deeper connection with the animals they love.  Her programs include Animal Communication, TTouch, and an Animal Hospice Support Group.  Luppertz has also been a strong advocate for homeless animals, frequently highlighting those in need of a home or medical support on her Facebook page.  

Last fall, Luppertz teamed with fellow animal lover, cat behaviorist and coach Dee Dee Remington, and created The Delicious Mickey Grrrl Fund, a grassroots effort to help orphaned and feral cats and kittens find shelter, food and medical attention, including spay/neuter.  The group is named after a “street kitten” named Mickey Grrrl found as a stray, pregnant, and with a broken rib.  She was restored to health and nurtured for 18 years until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year.  The Delicious Mickey Grrrl Fund was created shortly after her passing as “A memory to this wise, spunky girl cat . . . to help the forgotten, tossed away cats and kittens.  Mickey Grrrl always acted in a way that life was delicious and to be enjoyed.  We want all cats and kittens to know a delicious life.”  Find the rescue on Facebook or at