Local dog vies for Shiba Prom Queen

NW Shibas4Life Rescue in Beavercreek, OR specializes in providing a sanctuary for Shiba Inus in danger of being euthanized across the US.  Jewel, the organization’s official Shiba Inu promoter, is vying to retain her Prom Queen Crown for the 2014 Shiba Prom, an online event that draws Shiba lovers far and wide to raise money for national Shiba Inu rescue.  “Imagine hundreds of silly people talking like Shibas, other dogs, and even cats during this event!” says NW Shibas4Life President, Denise Roelke.  

Last year’s event raised more than 22,000 dollars. This year’s Shiba Prom takes place Saturday, June 28, and Jewel is hoping to polish her tiara one more time through an online voting process. Jewel has a strong following on Facebook, and uses her popularity to support her cause.  “Our program saved her life when the odds were overwhelming,” says Denise about the little dog who lost a leg due to abuse and neglect.  “In return, Jewel pays it forward by helping other Shibas across the US.”  Vote or learn more at ShibaProm.org.