Meet Scarlett Anne O’Hara Shields

Tiny Scarlett Anne went home with Twila in a tiny cat carrier in January 2013, weighing just 7 lbs.  Twila’s husband Tom had recently passed away after a long battle with diabetes, and Twila missed him dearly. 

A lifelong animal lover, Twila has rescued and spayed and neutered many kitties, giving them a warm, loving, forever home.  Always captivated by Pot-Bellied Pigs, she finally decided to bring one home.  Scarlett Anne was the lucky little girl Twila found, nestled in a litter of four in Eugene.  Twila says she “knew Scarlett was the one” at first sight. 

Bringing Scarlett home for the first time, Twila quietly entered a room with her in a kitten carrier.  When the resident cats saw Twila’s cargo, their ears pricked and their eyes sparkled as if thinking, “Oh boy, something fun to chase!”  Twila set down the crate and opened the door.  The moment Scarlett spied the cats, she squealed and dashed down the hall.  Twila realized she would do best meeting one kitty at a time, and she did.  Today they are all the best of friends, cuddling, snuggling, and sleeping together.  

Twila lovingly prepares Scarlett’s special diet of rolled oats, oatmeal and bananas.  Scarlett loves veggies, but only raw with ranch dressing.  Yes, this little swine knows what she likes … and doesn’t.  Among her favorite things is a nightly lavender rub-down before snuggling down in her pink girly bed at the foot of Twila’s bed.  Covered in her rosebud blankie, Scarlett grunts sweetly and slips off to dreamland.  

During the day, Scarlett shares a bed with her kitty friends in the living room where she keeps an eye on the goings on.  Cold weather is a “Don’t Like,” and she won’t go near the door during cold months.  In summer, however, she happily plays in her very own kiddie pool on the patio. 

At age 1, Scarlett is 5 in “pig years,” and weighs around 130 lbs (Pot-Bellied Pigs can reach up to 200).  Wonderful house pets, these animals behave much like dogs and cats.  Twila says, “I wouldn’t trade her for the world.”