Two kittens, two cars, two rescues — one week

Thanks to the efforts of four animal service organizations, one tiny kitten is on her way to a new life after being stuck in the brakes of a car.  The saga began June 17, when East Wind Animal Services (EWAS) received a call from a couple who heard the little cat meow after starting their car.  Janna and Robbie Russell from EWAS went to the scene and were able to extract the eight-week-old kitten, whose paw had been stuck in the braking mechanism, and get her to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital for emergency care before being sent to Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) for further care.  The kitten, now called Dove, lost one of her legs due to severe trauma, but is adapting well to her new tripod status and was moved to Cat Adoption Team (CAT) for foster care prior to being available for adoption.

That same week, another kitten, named Lil’ Motor, was also rescued from a car engine compartment, filthy from engine oil but otherwise unharmed.  After being given a clean bill of health by DoveLewis and then going to MCAS to determine if he was someone’s missing pet, he was transferred to CAT to be placed for adoption.  Lil’ Motor was adopted within hours of arriving at CAT and is now living with his new forever family.  Kristi Brooks, CAT Operations Manager, says she was not surprised he found a home so quickly.  “He’s a very sweet little boy,” she says.