Washington pet store owner eats pet food for 30 days

Dorothy Hunter, co-owner of the Washington-based Paw’s Natural Pet Emporium, ate nothing but pet food sold at her shop for 30 days to show her customers the food she sells for pets is equally worthy of human consumption.  Living solely on a diet of kibble, canned cat food and treats for a month, Hunter wants to prove the point that well-sourced and -produced food made for animals can be just as nutritious for people.  The store owner only sells food free of fillers, preservatives and animal by-products, and avoids food products from China.  Her story gained national media attention, helping Hunter further her point.  “I can’t stress enough how important it is to read labels and see what’s in the food you eat — whether it’s pet food or human food,” she told the Tri-State Herald.  “If this month of eating pet food enlightens people to the importance of that, then I’ll be happy.”  For the record, her favorite nibbles include Tiki canned food and Natural Balance kibble.