Wish you were here!

Nearly 100 joyful vacationing dogs entered to win a 3-day stay at Sunriver’s beautiful Bennington Properties.

Meet our top 5!

NAME:  Doc

AGE/BREED:  He just turned 10, 7/18!  He's a yellow Labrador

STOMPING GROUND:  Doc lives and plays in Molalla, right next to the beautiful Ivor Davies Walking Trail, where he can be seen practically every evening with his mom.  He also spends a lot of time at grammy's 24-acre property in Beavercreek with Willy the goat, his pal Gunner (another yellow Lab) and all the chickens

PACK:  Mom Lizzy, Dad Gared, and brother Jake (a Boxer).  Also pals Gunner, Thor (black Lab) and Kali (Blue Heeler/Aussie)

LOVES/DOESN'T LOVE:  Doc's favorite things, while complete opposites, are going on walks and sleeping on the couch (which he has taken over as his own).  He can always be seen with a toy in his mouth, but don't try to take it, he's only showing you!  He doesn't love riding in the car, but once we reach the destination it's worth it!

SPECIAL NOTES:  Doc was adopted when he was 2 1/2 years old, and he and his mom have been inseparable ever since!  (Lizzy even has his pawprint tattooed on her...talk about true love!)

NAME:  Bella

AGE/BREED:  8 years young, Boxer


PACK:  Mom, Dad and a 6-year-old, two-legged little sister

LOVES:  Peanut butter, cheese, beach walks and naps

DOESN'T LOVE:  Cats or squirrels

SPECIAL NOTES:  Bella’s muzzle and eyebrows have turned an adorable silver gray ... but she still has lots of crazy Boxer energy to spare!

NAME:  Picasso (in flight), Ashleigh, Sasha

AGE/BREED:  Picasso is 2, Ashleigh is 5 and Sasha is 9.  All are Golden Retrievers


PACK:  Dog-mom Kimberley Hickey and Dad Erik Campen; Grandpa Robert Campen, Aunt Lynne McManus, Friends Star, Remi, Rhu and Oden

PICASSO LOVES:  Any ball thrown, swimming, hiking and jumping 

DOESN'T LOVE:  Fireworks and baths

ASHLEIGH LOVES:  Swimming, hiking and anything else, as long as it’s with Daddy (Erik)

DOESN'T LOVE:  Loud noises, especially fireworks

SASHA LOVES:  FOOD, hiking, swimming and belly rubs 

DOESN'T LOVE:  The diet she’s on right now

SPECIAL NOTES:  They travel yearly to Victoria, BC, the Oregon Coast, Mt. Hood and Central Oregon.  Picasso and Ashleigh are members of and compete regionally in Cascade Dockdogs. 

All three are Trained Truffle Hunting Dogs through NW Truffle Dogs.  Sasha has won a Truffle Hunting competition.

Sasha's job is Pack leader, matriarch and mentor in all things “Golden.”  Ashleigh's job:  The sensitive one.  Picks up on others’ emotions.  Would have been a great Therapy Dog.  Picasso's job:  Athlete and Class Clown, super energetic and great sense of humor.

NAME:  Tiger - Ready to Paddle!

AGE/BREED:  5 years


PACK:  Mom LaurelAnn, Dad Stephen, sister dog Lily, and sister felines Brownie May (actual sister), Ripley, Crash, and Coco.

LOVES: Lap sitting, sleeping on your head, spooning, hearing his dad's voice, 70s music, and enjoying the outdoors

DOESN'T LOVE:  Backfiring vehicles, fireworks, or when the girls gang up on him.

SPECIAL NOTES:  Tiger (and Brownie Mae) are both Katrina rescue kittens. Our neighbor brought their pregnant mama up from New Orleans. No wonder shrimp is their favorite food!

NAME:  Lotto

AGE/BREED:  8-year-old, Shihtzu-Pekingnese mix


PACK:  Mama, Alyssa Flores; Papa, Aaron Ambos and 4-year old cousin Bella Flores (all human); and Marley, a Boston Terrier, Capone a Chihuahua, and Dexter the Dachshund

LOVES/DOESN'T LOVE:  Lotto is smart and spoiled, and loves being with his human family and canine friends.  He loves doing tricks for his treats, and is very vocal (every day he tells us stories about what happened while he was at the groomer or while we were away at work).  Lotto loves children, and is very gentle.  He also loves sunbathing; however, Lotto is not a fan of animals (especially dogs) on TV.  His mama thinks it’s because he can't play with them!  Lotto also doesn't love long vacation car rides unless he gets to hang his head out of the window

SPECIAL NOTES:  He is such a lovable boy, and our only wish is we had more of him.  Although his vocal quality (known as the Pekingnese howl) is not something we always enjoy, he just wouldn't be Lotto without it.