Beeps and Rag-A-Muffin

Rag-A-Muffin (cream Angora male) and Beeps (black short-hair mini-mix female) are a unique looking bonded pair who found love at first sight.  “Rags” had recently lost his Angora bonded partner and was very lonely until he met Beeps, who dotes on him.  Beeps arrived with a severely fractured leg that had to be amputated, but that doesn’t slow her down; in fact, she can even stand on one leg!  Rags is very mellow and easily picked up and cuddled for short periods.  Beeps is very personable, and they both love to explore and play as much as snuggle and nap together.  They’re a calm pair who will do best in a quiet home without young children.  Contact Valerie at 503-788-7676 to learn more, particularly about Rags’s grooming needs.