Local raw pet food store expands

Meat for Cats and Dogs, which turns 10 in March, has opened a new, expanded storefront across the street from its previous location on East Burnside in Portland.  The popular one-stop shop for raw food products, as well as canned, dry and freeze-dried foods, treats, toys and pet accessories, has doubled its space from 1500 to 3000 square feet.  Owner Heidi Liedeker cultivated the renovations to best fit the needs of her customers, including a 16-door walk-in freezer stocked with a wide variety of frozen raw foods.  “It’s a lot of freezer,” she says, adding that they haven’t had any problem filling the space.  The business has added OC Raw Dog to its product lines, as well as five-pound chubs for larger dogs and a wider assortment of existing products.  The canned food section for cats and dogs has also expanded, as well as the selection of leashes, collars and other pet accessories.

Customers are praising the expansion.  “They’ve been loving it,” Liedeker says. “The dogs love it, and the kids go crazy because it’s so much more open and the concrete floors are fun to run and slide on.”  Liedeker and her staff are also enjoying the new space, though she notes that the extra room has resulted in more exercise.  “I got pedometers for all of us when we moved over here and we found that on an average day we’re each walking about four miles,” she says with a laugh. 

Visit Meat for Cats and Dogs at 2244 East Burnside in Portland or see their product lines at MeatForCatsandDogs.com.