Meet Kobe Michael and his amigo, Laker

Each year Spot Magazine’s winner of the Willamette Valley Cover Model Search is drawn by a child.  This year’s winner Ranger, featured in the Aug/Sept issue of Spot was drawn by Kobe, who will be 2 November 12th, of Creswell, Oregon.  Kobe reached into the basket of 113 participants, which included dogs, two ferrets, and one cat (Dundee, who has participated in three previous Searches), and drew our winner, Ranger.  While Kobe is not yet reading, he is bi-lingual and learning to speak both English and Spanish.  

Drawing the winner Kobe was all business, pulling the winner, holding it aloft as though reading Ranger’s name, with a huge small handed it to his mom and assistant, Kailynn. 

Kobe’s best friend is his kitten, Laker (named by his sports fan dad, Mario).  Kobe (dressed as Bat Man) and Laker (dressed as a black cat for Halloween) are busy practicing giving and receiving treats for the approaching Holiday.  When not playing and watching their favorite kids’ movies, you’ll find them snuggled in Kobe’s crib — they are best sleeping Buddies! 

The Spot crew thanks Kobe, Laker and the family for being part of the fun!