Hi!  Nice to meet you…my name is Zorro.  I had a rough start in life from some not-so-nice people…but that hasn’t changed me one bit towards humans.  I am sweet, friendly and loving and just want to be the center of your life, in the middle of everything you do.  After I was rescued and nursed back to health, I have been living in foster homes with a number of other cats but still would require a careful and patient intro to other pets in the home.  My foster families say I am a character (that’s a good thing, right?) and could possibly be deaf, although I do seem to hear treat bags rustle.  Given this hearing deficit, I would prefer a home with older kids. More than anything, I crave one-on-one attention from a loving human and will gladly bless you with undying affection in return.  I have been tested for leukemia and FIV (negative), neutered, microchipped…the whole kit and caboodle.  .  If you are looking for a young character to be an active part of your daily life, I’m your boy. To meet me, call Beth at 541-255-9296 or visit WestCoastDogandCat.org.