"Dogs’ Day of Summer” attracts hundreds

 “Life is better with a dog,” said everyone that attended the Dogs’ Day of Summer event, an annual event hosted by Portland Mercury and Lucky Labrador Brew Pub featuring wiener dog and Pug races.

Doxies are bred to hunt fierce honey badgers and are able to cover surprising distances at speed. A wiener with moxie named Clark proved this in late August, although in the end, he was bested by a Pug named Wilbur.     

Dachshund and Pug enthusiasts gathered at Lucky Lab for Portland Mercury’s annual Dogs’ Day of Summer event where Doxies and Pugs faced off with their own kind in support of Oregon Dachshund Rescue and Pacific Pug Rescue.

The winning wiener proved that doxies are built for racing, and the champion of the “Wiener Takes All” race, Clark, won gift certificates, a custom trophy, and $50 cash.

Hundreds of attendees enjoyed suds, vendors like Whatif Creations, a pet/owner look-a-like contest, Doxie racing and the new Pug o’ War race and more. After  the first downpour since March, the sun came out just in time for the first race, and dog enthusiasts shared good laughs while meeting adoptables from the beneficiary organizations. More than 100 dogs (80 doxies and 50 Pugs) competed.

“To be honest, I like making Pug and wiener dog jokes,” says Mason Davis, Mercury Events Manager. “It's also nice to really have fun with an event. Dogs' Day of Summer doesn't have to be overly serious, and it's not. It's a lighthearted fundraiser for a couple of underserved rescues. Mainly we're trying to get people — pet owners or otherwise — to come out and meet each other and enjoy summer.”

Clark, the winning doxie

Clark, the winning doxie

The annual race raised over $1000 for both rescues, and Lucky Lab made an additional donation. Learn more about the organizations at:



Oregon Dachshund Rescue (ODR) founder, Jenell Rangan, brought a few special needs doxies to the event to educate attendees that special needs animals make great family members. ODR is a non-profit, all-volunteer, no-kill Dachshund rescue organization serving Oregon, Washington and California.

“I placed 500 plus doxies last year and ODR never has enough funds for vet bills.  We need adoptions and we use this event to promote the dogs available,” said Rangan.

New to the event this year was the Pug o’ War Race and the participation of Pacific Pug Rescue (PPR), a non-profit, all volunteer based organization which operates solely on donations. This competition surely changed anyone’s perspective if they thought Portland’s beloved pugs were simply sturdy, wrinkled creatures.

“Often times, folks pictures pugs as overweight rolly-polly dogs.  I'm always thrilled when we can reverse that perception and let people know pugs do not need to be overweight.  We have a lot of pugs who are very active and are winners in agility competitions.  But a grumble of running pugs will bring a smile to my face every day,” said Brian Tennison, president, Pacific Pugs Rescue.

A majority of the pugs taken in by PPR are seniors with significant health issues. “In 2014, PPR rescued over 60 pugs! We incurred an average of over $800 in medical to care for those pugs.  We have taken in 54 pugs so far this year and I anticipate that we'll bring in over 100 in 2015,” said Tennison.   

Race Results –

Congratulations to Clark, who burned up the track and bested an entry of 80 Dachsies who ran in multiple trial heats of 25 yards.

The Pug o’ War Race won by Wilbur (and crowned the grand champion), received well deserved street cred as he also beat Clark when they raced against each other for an inter-league match up.



Oregon Dachshund Rescue: http://www.odr-inc.org/

Pacific Pug Rescue:  http://www.pacificpugrescue.org/


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