What’s in a name?

According to the folks at Petplan pet health insurance company, there might be something.  The company has come up with a top 10 that’s a little different.  After combing through a half-million claim records, they’ve rounded up what they call the unluckiest names for cats and dogs, based on who had the most veterinary visits in 2014.  Here, according to Petplan, are the top 10 accident-prone pet names . . .

. . . and if you have a garbage-digging dog named Oscar, Jackson or Tucker?  Those are the top 3 names for dogs most likely to eat something they shouldn’t.  For parents of kitties named Chloe, Jake or Simon, well . . . they seem to be the clumsiest, topping the list of cats-most-likely-to-fall.  No word yet on the luckiest pet names, but we wish good fortune for all our furry friends in 2015.  



1 Maya

2 Tucker

3 Thomas

4 Rascal

5 Rosie

6 Tommy

7 Samantha

8 Tigger

9 Olive

10 Samson



1 Stella

2 Tucker

3 Dakota

4 Emma

5 Jake

6 Cooper

7 Riley


9 Winston

10 Gracie