Hi Everyone! I'm Rojo, just a big lug with a great big heart! I'm a French Mastiff mix, and fairly athletic. Not much is known about me before I came to the shelter, except that someone tried to crop my ears and did a terrible hack job. Even though my prior owner didn't care for me properly, I'm quite social with people and other dogs. I've been a perfect gentleman here in at the shelter, and I'm ready to find a family of my very own! I'm big and young so my ideal family wouldn't have small children that I could accidentally knock over, but kids over 10? Love ‘em! I'd prefer to have a doggy sister, since, I admit, I’m a bit of a ladies man. I am quite smart and motivated, and I would love my new family to take me school for positive obedience classes. Think I’m your guy? Come meet me! I'm at Multnomah County Animal Services,