Hello there!  I am Tsunami, a big, white bundle of pure love.  They say I am a bit overweight (I say I am just big-boned), but a little bit of playtime with a feather on a stick or making me look for my food should do the trick to slim me down some. I am a male kitty, around 9 years old who will immediately purr and make biscuits when petted or if you whisper sweet nothings in my ear. Like most adult cats who have lost their homes, I am somewhat shy but warm up quickly with gentle pets and small treats. Because of my shy nature, I would do best in a home with older kids and a cat-friendly, mellow dog friend. I am non-reactive to the cats in my foster home so would most likely do fine with cats in your home with a slow introduction.  Come meet me at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue or call Beth at 541-255-9296.