Meet Your 2015 Willamette Valley Cover Models

Pets and their people entered Spot's Cover Model Search at events all last Spring and Summer. Winner, Katie, graces this month's cover. All the beauties who entered are featured here.

Cover Model 411

NAME:  Katie

AGE/BREED:  7 yrs / Pomeranian/Chihuahua

STOMPING GROUNDS:   Katie lives with her “Mama” Christine at McKenzie Manor in the Thurston area of Springfield, where everyone loves her. There is a special area at the Manor where Katie walks and plays.

PACK:  Katie’s favorite friends are Ladybug, and Ladybug’s dog-mom Lisa, who live next door. Her Uncle Jerry (Christine’s brother) is her favorite visitor, and she announces the arrival of his truck with great excitement.  “She just goes nuts,” says Christine.

LOVES:  Treats and car rides! Katie also loves her groomer Deb at Petco in Eugene, who keeps her perfectly in style with a special cut.

DOESN’T LOVE:  Katie heartily objects to people on speaker at drive-up windows, and anyone who thinks it’s okay to walk up to the car to talk to her mom. And! It is simply not okay for the station attendant to put gas in the car!

SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT KATIE:  Katie was 5 when she was rescued/adopted from Lucky Paws in Springfield. She is a great traveler and flew to Arizona this summer with her mom, content to ride in her soft carrier at Christine’s feet. She loved the flight and vacation!