Spotlight on...The American Eskimo

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The American Eskimo

Size:  Medium, 20-40 lb (standard)

Grooming needs:  High

Exercise:  Medium

Environment:  Needs time outdoors

Temperament:  Perky, Smart

Life Expectancy:  12-14 years 

Interesting fact:  The American Eskimo has served as companion and watchdog, and even as circus performers in the US in the 1930s and ‘40s.

Appearance:  The American Eskimo is beautiful and athletic. It is a compact, medium-sized Nordic dog with a white or white with cream coat and black “points” (lips nose, eyeliner). Their beautiful, dense coat is thicker around the neck and chest, giving them a lion-like appearance. The backs of their legs have thicker, longer hair, giving them distinctive breeches or bloomers.

Personality:  Bright and eager to please, Eskies are generally friendly with everyone. They are energetic and love to run, especially in cold temperatures. One of the Spitz breeds (of Nordic heritage sharing similar traits), American Eskimos are known to be accepting of and responsive to instructions. If given regular exercise they are calm and well -mannered indoors, though generally alert.

Common Health Problems:  Occasionally luxating patella is seen. This is a when the patella (kneecap) dislocates or moves out of its normal location.   

Best Match:  Eskies need an equally adventurous owner who will provide daily exercise. They enjoy running, and get bored without daily physical activity. The breed requires brushing twice a week and more often when shedding, so be prepared for lots of brushing and shedding! Bred partially as companions, today the breed enjoys being a part of daily family life. This enjoyable and generally well-behaved breed makes a great addition to the right home!

Featured Adoptable:  Icey, American Eskimo Mix. Adult female, medium size, mature.

“My name is Icey, and I must admit, I'm a little bit of a Diva. I really don't like other dogs, probably because I'm so small, and who knows — maybe one attacked me in the past. I like to make sure other dogs know I'm tough and scrappy before they try anything! I was transferred to Song Dog from another rescue because of my 'attitude,’ and have been waiting ever since for my forever family that is all mine and I don’t have to share!

I'm a mature girl though, and I know my manners. I crate well, walk nicely on leash, and love people. I'm very affectionate, tolerate children well, but don’t love cats. I look a little funny right now, but that's because when I came to Songdog they had to shave me. My last owner didn't help me keep my long, luxurious fur looking as beautiful as possible. Please come meet me! or 541-382-0065.

Megan Mahan lives in Eugene with her boyfriend, Jacob, their adopted yellow Lab Maddie, many saltwater fish, and two miniature Silver Appleyard ducks, Louie and Olive.