Meet Your 2016 Willamette Valley Cover Models

Pets and their people entered Spot's Cover Model Search at events all last Spring and Summer down south in the Willamette Valley.  Winner, Maggie, graces this month's cover.  All the other beauties who entered are featured here.

Cover Model 411

Name: Maggie

Age/Breed: Approximately 5

Stomping Grounds: Maggie has many favorite places – Eugene’ South Hills, Mount Pisgah, and the Amazon Trail near U of O.  Also, Friendly Street Restaurant is a fav among several pet-friendly restaurants she loves.

Pack: Patrick and Renee, Rochelle (Renee's sister) who travels from Windsor, Ontario to visit and stay with Maggie when Patrick and Renee travel.  Mark at Friendly Street Restaurant, who treats her to roast beef and turkey.

Loves: Car rides (especially to restaurants). She loves to be adored and the center of attention, and savors naps with her people.

Special notes: Maggie takes long naps lying upside-down and snoring. Seemingly lacking a sleep meter, Maggie breaks to go potty, then quickly resumes napping. Her neighborhood walk is called the "Maggie Mile", because at the one-mile mark she's ready for a nap.