National Survey: Fido & Fluffy Factor Heavily in Family Moves

Sure, things like updated kitchens and nearby schools make a difference, but when responding to a survey commissioned by the Mayflower Moving company, more than 2/3 of people said during their most recent move they also tried to stay somewhat near to their pet’s favorite humans and furry friends, their favorite park, and their favorite vet.

The moving company’s Mayflower 2019 Mover Insights Survey revealed some details about NW pet parents in particular. While 79% said their pets adjusted to their new digs within a couple of weeks, 43% tried to ease the transition by taking pets to visit the new home before moving day. More people – 54% -- said pet-friendly features are even more important in their new home than its proximity to work (46%). Portland pet parents will shell out more dough, too: they’re willing to pay about 24% more per month for a fenced-in yard or other pet perks. And, not surprisingly, 51% of movers said their spouse or partner caused more move-related stress than their pets.