CBD can help pain, anxiety

Colorado Dog Company, producers of hemp-based CBD Dog Biscuits, says: “While we are not allowed to make specific claims related to our hemp biscuits and treats, we can tell you that our customers typically purchase our products because their dogs are experiencing the following symptoms; separation anxiety, arthritis, hip and joint pain, elder dog pain, loud noise anxiety —such as thunder or fireworks — travel anxiety, seizures, cancer and more.”

The company credits modern technology for “unlocking the secrets of the hemp plant to ease the suffering and pain our dogs experience but can’t describe to us in words,” adding that scientists have discovered that CBD can help dogs with a wide range of pain- and stress-related issue.

FetchPhotoAmyBrock CBD.jpeg

In response to Spot’s query to friends on Facebook Amy Brock had this to say about CBD:

“We have been using CBD treats for almost a year for our 16-year-old Rat Terrier/Chi mix. We give him 1 in the morning and 1 at night. As we were learning and getting his dosage right he had a few seizures and if we gave him a treat the seizure would stop in seconds. Since we have been regularly giving him the treats there have been only 2 x he has had a seizure, both were when we ran out and the dispensary was out.

We also give them to our dog who was on Prozac for the first 12 years of her life due to anxiety from being abused when she was young. She started to develop kidney issues and we were able to stop the Prozac and switch to CBD.

We are so happy to have this option! They are the 2 on the left. :)

For special offers and testimonials from customers using CBD from Colorado Dog for their pets, visit coloradodog.net.