Cisco Kid is a friend to many

Cisco And Christy Harkins

Cisco And Christy Harkins

American Paint Horse Cisco Kid recently celebrated his 32nd birthday — the equivalent of almost 99 human years. But this spirited “youngster” at Son Rise Ranch in Vancouver, WA is still going strong, and still making a difference in the lives of local youth.

Son Rise Ranch Director Pamila Cronkhite says, “We have tried to retire him twice but found he became depressed. So into the beginner lesson pool he went at age 24 to keep him lightly active.”

Cronkhite founded the ranch as a way to help troubled youth through horsemanship. Thirteen other horses reside at the ranch, assisting kids in building self-worth and respect, managing emotions, improving communication skills, and setting goals.

Cisco Kid prepares novices, giving them confidence to handle other horses. “I think his longevity is due to his continual use, and also because the kids’ hearts are so wrapped up in him,” says Cronkhite.

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