Don’t give up on love

Addy and Prancer are special dogs whose people gave up on them as puppies. Now they’re seeking forever families… who won’t ever give up on them.

We educate people to ‘Adopt before you shop’ to eliminate pet overpopulation. The ASPCA estimates that 3.9 million dogs enter shelters nationwide annually, and an estimated 1.2 million are euthanized. Last year our rescue had 35 dogs and euthanized zero. How is this possible? NW Shibas4Life Rescue is a long-term rescue and sanctuary providing limited spots for Shibas who are older, or have special or medical needs. A good example are two blind dogs that very few people want to adopt.

Addy had lived five great years when her world started going dark due to Glaucoma. Her owners, planning to start a family, were concerned about the cost of her current and future care. With no options for long-term care, Shibas4Life took Addy in. After settling in at the rescue she had enucleation surgery to eliminate painful pressure. The first week we stayed with her night and day, comforting and managing her pain. After just two months we learned that Addy loved to play ball! She was obsessed, and so happy!

Today, Addy is thriving. She is very loving and wants to be by your side or enjoy a bully stick in the sun! Addy’s job is to protect the backyard — nobody gets by her without us being informed! Addy needs to be an only dog in a quiet home with older or no children, with no opportunity to escape. She is healthy and requires no additional medical care, uses a dog door, and once lived with a cat.

Prancer was also brought in by his owners. After six great years he developed cataracts and secondary glaucoma. Becoming fearful in his darkening world, he growled at his small children. Soon after he was dropped at a shelter and became depressed. Prancer’s condition did not qualify for cataract surgery and his secondary Glaucoma is managed. After settling in with NW Shibas4Life he began drops for inflammation and pressure. He is not on any medications today.

Prancer learned his new routine immediately, he is thriving, and he loves toys! He is very loving and wants to be by your side. He’s a con artist, barking at the cookie jar in case you forget where it is! Prancer needs to be an only dog in a quiet, securely fenced home with older or no children. He is healthy and requires a regular exam twice a year.    

Both of these loving dogs are blind, and both are wonderful, loving companions who just want that special bond with their person or family. Their exercise needs are low; they just want permanent loving homes! If you open your home and heart to one or both of these dogs you will discover a very special “happily ever after.” 

To meet Addy or Prancer, please contact: Denise Roelke at NW Shibas4Life Rescue, 503-358-1068 or better yet complete their adoption form!