Found a kitten — now what?

Cat Adoption Team offers important dos and don’ts in the event you find a kitten or kittens this time of year, which can happen during the aptly-called “kitten season.” Following is an overview of points.  Read the full article and find more tips, resources and videos at

  • Most kittens are not abandoned by their mother. Before moving the kittens (and only do this if their location puts them at risk), learn what to do when you find kittens outdoors
  • Be sure to keep the mother cat and kittens together; separating them can cause problems for both the kittens and mother.
  • Provide cat food and make sure there is access to fresh water.
  • Never confine a lactating female cat to a cage or trap — her kittens need to feed every few hours and she will be a risk for mastitis if she can’t nurse her kittens
  • If you cannot find the mother cat, read about how to care for newborn kittens and neonatal kitten care.
  • If you wish to socialize and care for the kittens yourself, please first learn what it takes to care for very young and/or feral kittens