Got a Snow-Loving Dog?


Treat them to a Dog-Loving Vacation

Wintertime Sunriver vacations suit two very different kinds of cold-weather travelers: those who love time lounging by a crackling fire, catching up on reading or binge-watching movies, and those who go for adventure, hitting the trails, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing, returning to their vacation home to recharge and hit the trails early the next morning.


A third kind of traveler loves both versions equally, diving into one or the other with absolute joy, and giving it best-day-ever status: dogs.

“There’s a distinct pine and juniper scent in the air,” says Robert Bennington, proprietor of Bennington Properties in Sunriver, “and they get excited in the car before you even get here, like arriving at the beach.” 

Both personally and professionally, Bennington is an expert at traveling with dogs. “I love dogs! I love mine and other people’s dogs,” he says. “And I love travel, which I’ve done a lot with my dogs, and I always appreciate it when I can bring them along. But I really seek out establishments that not only allow my dog but actually welcome my dog.”


Robert took that personal passion to work with him when he joined his parents’ company in 2002. Bennington Properties was just four years old at the time, and had acquired management rights to a handful of Sunriver vacation homes. “I did a campaign to convince the majority of our properties to allow dogs.” 

He succeeded. Today, Bennington Properties manages 174 Sunriver homes, 106 of which welcome dogs.

In these dog-friendly vacation homes, guests can savor not only customary Bennington Properties benefits such as bicycles, hot tubs, and free movie rentals at every home, but an array of pet-parent pampering as well. These include a nearby off-leash play area, a free on-site dog wash, and a welcome that includes special dog goodies.

Staff also happily provides concierge services for their human and canine guests — who they often think of as family — helping arrange everything from guided trips to local boarding, grooming, and pet sitting. Snowy hikes and romps are an easy 15-minute drive, made even better with complimentary Snow Park passes.

Robert likes to steer guests to a local tour that he says is a “phenomenal way to experience the winter here, from beginners to highly experienced explorers.” Well-behaved dogs are welcome on most guided snowshoe trips offered by Wanderlust, whose guides “make the snow and trees come to life with details about the natural history and ecology of the area.”

And those little details that might not have occurred to you?  The Bennington staff has you covered. “Dogs that may be coming from the city and aren’t used to spending time in the snow might need little booties to protect their feet,” says Robert, and we’re happy to help connect them to the vendors. We like to provide the same concierge services to dogs as to people.”

Over time, loyal guests and their dogs become part of the Bennington family, which makes Robert very happy. “As dog people go, I’m as crazy as they get! If somebody remembers my dog’s name over my own, they certainly have a place in my heart.”

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