Meet the Rescues: OFOSA

Wanted:  OFOSA Heroes

What began in 2001 with just five animal-loving people has become what is today one of the most active shelters in the Northwest. Chalking up 1600 adoptions in 2015, OFOSA Board President Cathy Nechak expects they’ll complete well over 2000 adoptions this year.

Partnering with Best Friends Animal Society and other leading organizations, in recent months OFOSA has been called upon by Best Friends to help the “little Cajuns” — animals left behind or lost and unclaimed during and after the Louisiana flood.

“We got five heartworm-positive dogs,” says Cathy, underscoring one of the things for which OFOSA has historically been known: caring for those others will not. “These dogs have a 99 percent chance of survival,” Cathy says. “I don’t expect them to die.”

An interesting thing came up when preparing to transport these dogs, which included puppies. “Where’s the mom?” Cathy wanted to know. Told they thought OFOSA wouldn’t want her, Cathy asked, “Why, is she not nice?” They replied, “Oh, she’s wonderful!”

Mom made the transport. “We don’t leave moms behind,” says Cathy — “not our style.”

What is their style is being heroes to pets who have none — and doing it right. “When things get tight, others cut staff. We don’t,” says Cathy, adding, “I’m a firm believer in having one caretaker for every 12 dogs. They need to be fed, kept clean, exercised and loved.”

Which brings us to the critical focus currently in play for this important member of the NW rescue community: closing the gap. This time, OFOSA needs heroes.

Adoption fees generally cover exams and tests for disease, vaccinations, microchipping, and flea, heartworm and other treatments as needed. Sometimes the cost of these necessary steps are just a dollar or two less than the adoption fee for the pet.

As year-end approaches, OFOSA needs to close the gap in order to continue its important work. 200 OFOSA Heroes contributing just $10 per month can do just that.

Could you be a Hero? A member of the OFOSA 200?  In addition to the joy of knowing you’ll be helping to save yet another 2000 (or more) sweet pets’ lives, you’ll have the honor and the pleasure of bragging rights. Contributors will receive an “OFOSA Hero” digital “badge” to share on social media, and a great bracelet that goes with everything — but looks especially great with the sparkle in your eye that says: “I saved a life and I liked it!”

Be a Hero. Call or email OFOSA today, and feel the love.

OFOSA holds adoption events weekly at partner PetSmart stores in Cedar Hills, Hillsboro, Wilsonville, and Tanasbourne. They’d love to meet you, talk more about how you can help, and introduce you to some of the amazing little rock stars — including many “little Cajuns” who survived unimaginable tragedy but are smiling and full of life . . . and ready to meet the new love of their life!

—    Kristan Dael

Note: Carolyn Ackerman, owner/operator of Let Carolyn Paint it, has been beautifying homes and commercial buildings with painting and other services for 20 years. A lifelong animal lover, Carolyn’s business donates 50% of the proceeds from every job to animal rescue. She supports OFOSA by underwriting this story.