Mr. B - From tragedy to...happily ever after

In Feb/Mar 2016, Spot featured Mr. B, who desperately needed a home. Here is the next chapter of a story about a boy whose long, hard journey finally led him home. He began his new life with a new name: Boomer. 

Mr. B had waited in a kennel for more than two years for a family to call his own — and that was the best of his past. Before that, he’d been chained 24/7 to the cruelty of abuse, loneliness, rape and starvation — a cold, hard introduction to the dregs of humankind. 

Then Melissa saw his picture in Spot Magazine. She’d never owned a dog bigger than 20 lbs, but the little Pitty spoke to her soul. 

“I saw Boomer’s story and what he had been through, and literally didn’t sleep that night,” she says. “In under 48 hours I was on a 5am train to visit him.” Upon arrival, Melissa says, “Every little thing that came up with him just clinched it for me. When he turned to walk away from me, he had this little signature ‘Z’ on his neck, like my past dog.” 

Arriving home Feb. 7th, “He was like our Valentine to ourselves.” 

Melissa took the week off to help him settle in.  

“I invited him up to the couch, and he put his head on my chest, and lay across Brian’s body. I felt such gratitude for this being who was so forgiving and ready to let go of the anxiety of not knowing what was next. That’s when we saw him begin to open up and bloom right in front of us.” 

Now, five weeks later, life is good.  

“We had a few difficulties,” Melissa says, “but things we expected with a rescue dog, things we could understand and manage. He brings us joy, and our future is already built around him. Besides marrying my husband, it’s one of the best decisions of my life.”   

The couple has a friendly competition over who Boomer loves more. 

“Once he gets to know people, he wants to be best friends, and make you happy. He loves cuddling with people, and flopping on top of them, but it’s like he doesn’t have a lot of experience, and he’s really awkward,” Melissa laughs.  “He doesn’t seem to understand that he’s a big dog, and doesn’t know what to do with his body.” 

“I truly feel like he’s going to be what saves me in the end,” Melissa says quietly. “I never thought I would feel that kind of love and compassion in my life, ever. I never knew what fate felt like until this happened. I hate that he waited two years, but I’m so glad he was there when I was ready.” 

Now when she gets home from work, “He’s always waiting there by the door, tail wagging and a big smile,” she laughs. “It’s really, really is nice to come home to. He’s been a game-changer in so many ways.” 

“I feel like I’m in a fairy tale,” she says. “I see stars when I look in his eyes. I never thought I would find a dog who had been through so much shit that I related to. I find so much comfort with him, and just being with him, and all he wants to do is just tell you how much he loves you.”

Christy Caballero writes from her soul about animals and their humans. She lives with three big greyhounds and one slightly neurotic foster greyhound -- who never wants to leave. Ever.