Pets & People Celebrate as More than 11,000 Pets Find Homes


2017 was a very good year for pets: thanks to a public that opened their hearts and homes to animals, the Oregon Humane Society was once again able to find homes for more than 11,000 pets during the calendar year.

One of the most fortunate pets to go home last week was a tuxedo-colored cat named Buttons who first arrived at OHS on May 31, 2017. “OHS never puts a time limit on how long a pet stays at the shelter, which makes the adoption of more  than 11,000 pets all the more remarkable,” said OHS President and CEO Sharon Harmon. The final adoption total for OHS in 2017 was 11,297 animals, which included dog, cats, birds, rabbits, rodents and horses.

2017 marks the eighth year in a row that OHS has met its target of finding homes for 11,000 pets, the highest number of pets adopted by any single-shelter facility on the West Coast.

2017 may also have been one of the best years for the traditional OHS “Home for the Holidays” campaign. The annual campaign seeks to find homes by December 31 for every pet who is at the shelter on December 1. This year’s campaign began with 152 Home for the Holiday pets, but by December 31, only 14 of those pets (including five mice) were still available for adoption.

All pets available for adoption at OHS can be viewed online at:

PHOTO: Buttons the cat went home on Dec. 30, after spending six months waiting for his forever family.

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The Oregon Humane Society is the Northwest's oldest and largest humane society. OHS relies entirely on donations to support its adoption, education, and animal cruelty investigation programs. Visit for more information. OHS is located at 1067 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, Oregon.