Reader Spotlight - Titan


Note from the editor ~ Nina Kelley reached out to thank Spot after seeing “Saving the Dogs of Kauai” in the Dec/Jan 2017 edition. We thought you would enjoy hearing her personal story within the story, and photos of her beautiful survivor, Titan.

Titan became a part of our family in January of 2017. We met him December 2016 when we decided to participate in the Kauai Humane Society’s Field Trip program.

Their field trip program is a fabulous way for KHS to get their dogs exercise while also getting them socialized. You can pick out just about any dog they have for the day and they give you a leash, some dog treats, and other doggy essentials and send you out for the day. It was during our field trip with Titan that we fell head over heels in love with him. 

We didn’t take him home right away, but were able to work with the Kauai Humane Society and Hawaiian Airlines to fly him to the mainland. We are SO lucky to have him as part of our family!

Nina Kelley, Portland Oregon