Resolutions Inspired From Our Pets


Most of us create a short list of resolutions at the beginning of a new year.  Losing weight, eating healthier, or learning a new hobby. 

We might also craft a list for our furry friends as well.  Spend more quality time together, stay on track with preventive care, or brush their teeth daily. 

Some good ones for pets that we really like can go beyond the usual.  Schedule a photo shoot to capture precious memories, enroll for pet insurance, or write a bucket list for senior pets.

Oftentimes, our resolutions and those of our pets can overlap such as exercising and getting fit.  Both really fun because they can be done together!

But have you ever thought about resolutions that you can get from your pet?  Things they teach us each and every day and motivate us to be the best that we can be.

Here is a list of pet-inspired resolutions:

  • Make new friends – One of the most important lessons you can learn from your pets is that it doesn’t matter what someone looks like or what their background is to find an amazing new friend!
  • Laugh loud and often – Who is better at helping us to crack a smile after a bad day?
  • Make exercising fun – Getting in shape doesn’t have to be boring.  Try a new activity. Get creative!  Learn from your dog!
  • Show the docs (vets) some love – Your doctor (and your veterinarian) are the best resource for keeping healthy. Never be afraid to be reach out to them.
  • Don’t worry how others see you – Watch a dog chasing a ball. Does he care how others see him?  No!  He is just being himself and having a blast.  Be yourself, go for what you want and let others view you as they will.
  • Say you’re sorry – Pets are masters at getting into mischief and giving the heartfelt “I’m sorry” look. Learn how to say you’re sorry when you know you are in the wrong. 
  • Nap often – Naps are rejuvenating and can bring a whole new perspective on things. Have you ever noticed the wise look on your cat’s face?  Cats nap…a lot.
  • Look at things from a new angle – Speaking of new perspectives, in never hurts to lay down, stick your head off the couch and see everything from a new angle.
  • An ole dog…a new trick – Mental stimulation can keep a senior pet’s brain active and involved.  You’re not getting any younger!  Acquiring a new skill or practicing those you already have can get those neurons firing.
  • Go for more car rides – Most dogs love riding in cars.  Sticking their head out the window brings incredible joy, even if it’s just around the block! Make sure to take the time to engage in the simple things that bring you joy…if even for a short period.
  • Focus…go for it and pounce! – Our pets have some of the best focusing skills around.  Be it to catch a ball, a fly, or begging for a treat. We can learn a lot from the concentration and efforts they use to get what they want in life.

Our pets are there for us all year long whether we need them to be or not and we have much we can learn from them.  Shake it up this year and aspire to become the kind and loving beings they show us is actually quite easy to do.

What pet-inspired resolutions will you discover?