Retired Racers: The Greyhound Calendar 2017

Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest and local award winning art and commercial photographer Holly Andres collaborated on a unique set of photos that have been combined into a Calendar as a fundraiser for Greyhound Pet Adoption NW. This calendar project is a unique effort – with a local animal welfare group and a local artist and featuring interesting Portland locations. 

All of the greyhounds featured in the calendar are Retired Racers – dogs who no longer qualify for greyhound racing due to age, injury or poor performance. The greyhounds are transported from racetracks across the country to Portland by the all-volunteer organization and medically prepared for adoption and socialized in foster homes. 

Holly Andres is a Portland-based photographer whose work has been featured in major publications like Time, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, the NY Times Sunday Magazine and more. Holly says, “ I’m excited about the series I made in collaboration with the Greyhound Pet Adoption NW and FIR Advertising, a student-run ad agency at Portland State University, in which we produced a dozen photographs of magnificent Greyhound rescue dogs in various scenarios. The fruits of our labor are sequenced in a beautifully printed, limited edition calendar that you can purchase to support Greyhound Pet Adoption NW”. More about Holly Andres at 

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