Sniff Nursery School opens

In yet another 1st, Portland welcomes the Sniff Nursery School, for pups 8-20 weeks.

A puppy’s fist 8-20 weeks is the time to establish a solid foundation through socialization, training and exploration. This is when they learn to socialize and play appropriately with other dogs, and skilled assistance can help ensure your puppy grows into a friendly, happy and safe adult dog. 

The Sniff Nursery school features educated, experienced trainers using only positive reinforcement. In a safe, clean and nurturing environment, puppies learn appropriate play behavior with big and small pups, including: bite inhibition, potty training, leash desensitization, name recognition, impulse control, crate training, separation confidence, boundary training and basic skills.

Puppies go home tired and happy, says owner Jamie Mollas. “We provide our puppy parents with resources to continue training at home." Parents also receive progress reports and ongoing communication throughout the program. Learn more at