Spotlight on...American Bulldog

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Size:  Medium – Large (60-120 lbs)

Grooming needs:  Low — Moderate Shedder

Exercise:  Moderate/High

Environment:  Indoor with Outdoor Access

Temperament:  Affectionate, Alert

Life Expectancy:  10-15 years

Interesting fact:  This athletic breed is capable of jumping more than 3 vertical feet. The American Bulldog was bred to be a “catch dog,” meaning to chase, catch and bring down livestock.

Appearance:  The American Bulldog is stocky and muscular with a large head.  They are 20-28 inches tall at the withers (ridge between shoulder bones). There are two type of American Bulldogs, Standard and Classic, and mixes within those types.  Each type can vary in appearance, such as the length of legs or muzzle, but both types are taller than their cousin, the English Bulldog. They have a short, smooth coat, which is often white with patches of brindle, red or black.  

Personality:  American Bulldogs tend to bond closely with their families and are known to be emotional and attention seeking.  They are confident and sociable and enjoy an active lifestyle.  This breed was created as a working farm dog that would drive and catch hogs and cattle, as well as, guard the property.  Early socialization toward other pets and children, or awareness of individual propensities, is very important.  The American Bulldog can make a great pet when provided with regular physical and mental exercise.  Agility, nose work, or running can help meet the needs of this athletic pup.  Along variations in appearance, different types can have different exercise needs.

Common Health Problems: This is a generally healthy breed, but may see a group of nervous system disorders called neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, ACL tears, hip dysplasia or cherry eye are also seen.

Best Match: The best pet parent for an American Bulldog wants to spend a lot of time with their dog. This breed needs a guardian who can appreciate a drooler, as well as a large pup who considers himself a lap dog.  The American Bulldog tends to love his people and be aloof with strangers.  His ideal family will happily provide plenty of affection and exercise.

Featured Adoptable:  “Money has been with us for quite a while,” says Maria Nagy of the Tillamook Animal Shelter. “It took him a bit to calm down, heal, and unwind from his former life.  He is a great dog today, having learned how to trust people again after a rough past.  He is a fun, active dog who loves to play.  He is unsure of other dogs so he'll do best as an only child.  He loves to play fetch and to play with water.  He is a strong, bouncy guy who loves to play with kids, so will need a family with older kids only.  Money deserves a second chance at a great future.  He is neutered, microchipped and current on vaccines.”

Contact Nagy at the Tillamook Animal Shelter 503-812-0105, or learn more at

Megan Mahan lives in Eugene with her boyfriend Jacob, their adopted Lab Maddie, many saltwater fish and two miniature Silver Appleyard Ducks, Louie and Olive.