Spotlight on… Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi  

Size:  22-24 lbs

Grooming needs:  Heavy shedder

Exercise needs:  Medium

Environment:  Indoor with Outdoor Access

Temperament:  Willful, Attentive

Life Expectancy:  12-14 years

Interesting Fact:  At just a foot tall, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the smallest of the working breeds. The name Corgi is believed to have come from the Welsh “cor,” meaning dwarf, and “ci” (gi) meaning dog.  

Appearance:  This athletic dog is short and stalky — almost twice as long as he is tall. They have large prick (upright) ears and pointy muzzles, which lend to a fox-like appearance. Their dark eyes are beautifully rimmed in black. Their soft, thick coat comes in red, sable, fawn or black and tan, often with white markings. Corgis are born with short or missing tails, or are typically docked. This has been done historically so their tails do not get in the way of herding work.

Personality:  Spirited and athletic, Corgis are called by many breed enthusiasts “big dogs on short legs.”  S/He is smart, and generally a quick learner who trains well, but can be stubborn. Corgis are fun-loving and playful, and very loyal to their people.   

Common Health Problems:  Corgis need regular exercise and can become obese without it. Hip dysplasia and epilepsy are sometimes seen.

Best Match:  If a Corgi gets moderate exercise and time with their person(s) they are adaptable and great companions. A Corgi will enjoy herding, obedience, fetch or other organized energy outlets. As a working breed, they need mental and physical stimulation, and access to the outdoors. Some Corgis have a propensity to bark.

Featured Adoptable:  Riley is a loving, affectionate little boy. He will talk to you when he gives hugs. He gets along with dogs, cats and small kids. Leash trained, he is mostly house broken. He LOVES stuffed animals, and plays with his foster kids, cat and dog all the time. He will make a great addition to any family. He also likes baths! He is approximately 10” tall and weighs 17 lbs. He would love a yard to play in, and a friend to play with. When you call, he comes! He loves to cuddle and have his ears and belly rubbed. Riley takes 1/2 a pill a day for Pemphigus Foliaceus, an immune disease. He will most likely be on prednisone for life. To meet this special boy, contact Operation Safe Canine Animal Rescue in Clackamas, 503-490-7038 or

Megan Mahan lives in Eugene with her boyfriend, Jacob, their adopted yellow Lab Maddie, many saltwater fish, and two miniature Silver Appleyard ducks, Louie and Olive.