Spotlight on...The Collie

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Size: 40-60 lbs

Grooming needs:  Heavy seasonal shedding — requires brushing

Exercise:  High

Environment:  Indoor with outdoor time

Temperament:  Loyal, active, protective, gentle

Life Expectancy: 14-16 years

Interesting Facts:  The Collie was originally called the Scotch Collie for the country in which it was used to herd sheep. Early settlers to North America, such as the Pilgrims, may have brought the Collie to the US.

Appearance:  This breed is often considered among the most beautiful. The elegant appearance is thanks to a long, tapered muzzle, a long, muscular body with a beautiful long (rough) or short (smooth) coat. Unlike many working breeds, Collies have a long, smooth tail.

Personality:  This is a very active and smart breed. The Collie thrives on attention and will become bored if not occupied. Though not used as a herding dog as often as in the past, the Collie loves to have a job, including activities like agility work. Puppies must be well socialized to prevent shyness. The Collie is very devoted, sensitive and affectionate toward his family, and many owners report that they seem to have telepathic abilities.

Common Health Problems:  Eye ailments, particularly Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Collie Eye Anomaly, may be seen. The breed may have a bad reaction to some heartworm preventatives.

Best Match:  Collie pet parents should be interested in spending time and doing active things with their pup. If bored, the Collie has a tendency to bark. This breed would like to have room to run off leash, and needs sufficient daily exercise.  Collies tend to excel at agility, flyball, obedience and herding. They also excel as search and rescue and therapy dogs. The Collie is a great companion and tends to do well with children and enjoys playing with them.  

Featured Adoptable:  Beau and Bella are 7-year-old purebred Rough Collies. Beau is beautifully trained, in excellent shape, and loves people!  He and litter sister, Bella, have lived together their entire lives so they MUST be adopted together. Bella is a love bug! She is crazy about people. She is beautifully leash trained and likes riding in a car . . . as long as Beau is with her! She is fine with cats and other dogs. Fenced, secure space required. Visit Cascade Collie Rescue at

Megan Mahan lives in Manhattan with her fiance, Jacob, and their French Bulldog, Nono.