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The Skin Doc is IN

Dr. Jon Plant was one of those kids who always wanted to be a veterinarian. While many say that as kids, in time, most switch to other interests. Not Dr. Plant. “I stuck with it all through high school and college, and I didn’t give up on it,” he says. Plant graduated from veterinary school at Oregon State University in 1988, but as his career evolved over the years, he found himself in consulting and academia.

Until last year that is, when he opened his own clinic after realizing that directly helping patients was what he really wanted to do.

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Itching and Chewing Your Dog’s Favorite Activity? It may be an allergy.

We all know people who suffer from allergies and their symptoms: red, watery eyes, scratchy throat, itchy or runny nose, medicine that makes them feel like a zombie. Dogs and cats can have allergies too, but their symptoms don’t look the same as ours do, so pinpointing their problems can be more difficult. 

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