Meet Your 2016 Willamette Valley Cover Models

Pets and their people entered Spot's Cover Model Search at events all last Spring and Summer down south in the Willamette Valley.  Winner, Maggie, graces this month's cover.  All the other beauties who entered are featured here.

Cover Model 411

Name: Maggie

Age/Breed: Approximately 5

Stomping Grounds: Maggie has many favorite places – Eugene’ South Hills, Mount Pisgah, and the Amazon Trail near U of O.  Also, Friendly Street Restaurant is a fav among several pet-friendly restaurants she loves.

Pack: Patrick and Renee, Rochelle (Renee's sister) who travels from Windsor, Ontario to visit and stay with Maggie when Patrick and Renee travel.  Mark at Friendly Street Restaurant, who treats her to roast beef and turkey.

Loves: Car rides (especially to restaurants). She loves to be adored and the center of attention, and savors naps with her people.

Special notes: Maggie takes long naps lying upside-down and snoring. Seemingly lacking a sleep meter, Maggie breaks to go potty, then quickly resumes napping. Her neighborhood walk is called the "Maggie Mile", because at the one-mile mark she's ready for a nap. 

Meet Cover Model Maggie

Patrick and Renee of Eugene had always had large dogs — Golden Retrievers, in fact — except for a three-year hiatus doing elder care for family members. When they began looking again, a co-worker, Victoria, was volunteering at the Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, so they took a look. “We saw a couple we liked, and then chose one, but someone had already gotten him,” says Patrick. “After a couple of false starts, Renee found one and said ‘This is the one.’ I wasn’t quite ready … the dog was in Medford … we had an older car … and I wanted to wait a couple months.”

They drove to Medford the following day to meet Maggie.

 “We’ve been in love ever since,” Patrick affirms in his mild Irish brogue.

Renee laughs. “We’ve always had male dogs; she’s our first female, and she is such a Daddy’s girl!” She says Patrick has Maggie speaking three languages, English, Spanish and German. “When we leave, he tells her, ‘Dog watch the house’ in German, and she knows what to do. In Spanish, we say, ‘Dog go for a ride in the car’ [here Renee explains she can’t say the actual phrases because “Maggie’s right here.”]

While thought to be about 2 when they got her in January 2012, Patrick suspected Maggie was much younger. “She had puppy poop, sharp little teeth, and bright pink gums,” he says. The vet agreed, saying she was likely just 9-12 months.

Maggie had been passed around family members and a little underweight, but was otherwise in good shape. “She knew basic commands, and other than separation anxiety, she was great,” Patrick says. He believes a road trip during her first year with them helped a lot.

They traveled to Chicago and Wisconsin, where Maggie met family members from several states, Ireland and Canada. They took the northern route home to visit friends in Coeur d’Alene. Staying in hotels most of the time, Patrick believes every time they stopped and continued on as a pack helped Maggie understand they always would.

From the beginning, Patrick says, “She’s been wonderful with kids and older people. Once when I was between jobs we would visit an assisted living residence.  She has this way of kissing . . . she moves her face closer and closer, and then boom! Big kiss! Her tongue is like a foot long,” he laughs.

When planning trips to Europe, the couple’s only worry about Maggie’s care is who stays with her: Mark, who cooks at the Friendly Street Restaurant (making her favorite roast beef or turkey that’s not part of her vegetarian parents’ repertoire), or Renee’s sister,  Rochelle in Windsor, Ontario, who loves to stay with her. “They get their dog fix without owning a dog,” Patrick laughs.

Everyone loves her, it seems. In fact, the cover of this issue shows a little boy who, upon meeting her, immediately and ecstatically began hugging and climbing her, burrowing his smiling face in her fur.

“She’s been such a blessing,” says Renee. “She makes everyone smile . . . or at least turn their heads.” Makes sense. At 150 lbs, she’s small for a Saint.

Max’s story

Born in March 2000, Max’s first family was a single mom with two 2 kids who turned out to be unready for a puppy. After being returned to the breeder he began a career as a show dog, winning a championship and a trip to Westminster. He was then sold as a stud dog to someone who turned out to be a hoarder – with 98 dogs in a small home. (Now he’s one of two dogs in a home twice the size). The place was raided in 2006, and the woman was found guilty and told to never own animals again. Austin Wallace, an animal control officer at OHS, helped free Max, and they have happy reunions every year at the Doggie Dash. 

After being rescued, Max was down to 15 lbs and gained a lost, sullen look. Then the original breeder got him back again and nursed him back to health. Born and shown as a true tri-colored Beagle, Max had prematurely turned white . . . although his grandpa and dad had also gone white later in life. 

In 2007, Jayne, now Max’s dog-mom, had lost Sonny, a relative of Max’s, to tainted food from China.  Max and Sonny both came from the same breeder, and when Sonny passed, Jayne was invited to take Max.

She says, “I fell in love with him (what’s not to love) and brought him to his forever home on Memorial Day 2008. He returned to the show ring in 2009 in the Veterans class, and even won his class at the Beagle Nationals in 2010. He is retired now, but does have has his Canine Good Citizenship and is a former member of the Delta Society, now known as Pet Partners.”  Jayne worked as a pediatric occupational therapist for 35 years, and says Max LOVED working with kids.

Chloe was adopted from SWWA humane in July 2008. Picked up as a stray, the first family returned her after she tried to bite a child who was clipping her nails. After the meet and greet with Max, Chloe went to her forever home. Jayne wondered, “Who in the world lets a 6 year-old clip dogs nails. . . .”

After a long, winding road, the family found each other and their happily ever after.

Meet Your 2013 Willamette Valley Cover Models


Jackson is our winner!  

Scroll down to meet them all! 

Cover Model 411

NAME:  Jackson Brownsville Waring was named by his mom and is a play on words combining his first home in Brownsville, and his mom's favorite singer, Jackson Brown ϑ

AGE:  Jax’s birth certificate says he was born April 24, 2008, but we celebrate his “Homecoming” on June 21st, when we rescued him from the window of the puppy store.

BREED:  Australian Sheppard as far as his pet parents know.

PACK:  Mom, Kathleen M. Rienhardt-Waring, Dad, Bradley T. Waring.  Jackson is a first and only child, and is indulged and spoiled accordingly.  He tends to be the center of attention wherever he goes, but he thinks he may like a brother or sister one day soon.

STOMPING GROUNDS:  Jackson lives in Eugene, but he gets around.  He loves the Coast and goes nearly every weekend.  In foul weather he goes to the mountains to swim and hike.  Several days each week he goes to “school” at  Dogs@Play in Eugene, or Best Friends in Corvallis.

LOVES:  He loves his daily walks with his Mom to the park.  Frisbee is his favorite sport, and he plays every day.  Hiking to the beach with his backpack full of frisbees and treats is even better!!  Jackson loves people, and not only likes to go to the vet, but especially loves his groomer Cheryl at We Suds ‘Em.

DOESN’T LOVE:  Pesky Squirrels, Milkbones, and sadly, Santa Claus terrifies him.

SPECIAL NOTES:  Jackson is an official Canine Good Citizen and Certified Pet Partner with his Mom Kathleen. 

Pets and their people entered Spot's Cover Model Search at events all last Spring and Summer.  Winner, Jackson, graces this month's cover.  All the other beauties who entered are featured here. 

Kids from the Thurston area of Springfield drawing the winner.  Left to Right:  Danielle, 9 (holding 7-toed kitten), Bryson, 2 (drawing), & Jackson, 5.

Kids from the Thurston area of Springfield drawing the winner.  Left to Right:  Danielle, 9 (holding 7-toed kitten), Bryson, 2 (drawing), & Jackson, 5.

Meet your 2011 Willamette Valley Cover Models!

Pets and their people entered Spot's Cover Model Search at events all last Spring and Summer. Winner Penny Love, graces this month's cover. All the other beauties are featured in the magazine and in our online photo album.

Meet Your 2011 Willamette Cover Model ~ Penny Love

January Cover Model


Cover Model 411

Names: Dr. Kristin Sulis with DeeDee (Poodle) and Mojo (Pit Bull Mix)

Ages: DeeDee is 8 years old, Mojo is 2

Family: Husband/Dad (and photographer) Michael, Kristin, Mojo and DeeDee

Stomping grounds: SE Portland

Turn-ons: DeeDee loves cookies and running on the beach. Mojo enjoys sleeping (especially in the sun), running around (slowly) with a toy, talking about it and having you try to “get it.” Mojo also loves playing with her best friend Indy.

Turn-offs: DeeDee hates rain. Mojo does not like waking up early!

December Cover Model


Name:  Armani

Breed:  Chihuahua

Age:  He will be 1 year Dec. 10th and will be having a big pawty!

Family:  Melissa & Josh Williams, Coco Chanel, Bubba, Bruno, Dolce and Lily

Stomping grounds:  He likes to play at Happy Valley Park.

Turn-ons:  He loves hanging with Melissa at Paws for a Cause, the beautiful little boutique she manages in Troutdale, OR. He also likes picking on siblings.  

Turn-offs: He hates when his siblings take his toys from him when he is playing with them!