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Here, Kitty Kitty

Have you ever given your cat a bath?

I have, many times.

And the cat in question was not my easygoing Tabby, Mack, or my “I’ll do anything because I am just so scared,” Clio. The cat who received so many baths was Snowball.  My fearless, outgoing, hate-everyone-but-you cat who passed many years ago.  Snowball would scare visitors with her “piss and vinegar” attitude, yowling if they got to close.  She was more talk than action — her vocalizations were more than enough to cause friends to give her a wide berth.

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Portland’s First Dog Wash is Top Dog in 3 Categories

Two decades ago, washing a dog was either a back-breaking battle in the bathtub, or a wet and wild experience with the hose.  In other words, bathing your dog, especially the big, hairy ones, was messy business.

Then came self-service dog washes.  Michael Shapiro, owner of Beauty for the Beast Pet Launderette, came across such a then-new establishment while traveling and was delighted with the idea.  “At the time, I had a very furry Samoyed who needed a lot of bathing,” he recalls.  

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Dremel Tool for Nails

Here’s what we love…

Dremel Tool for Nails - Rated 5 out 5 paws

Description:  An electric nail file

Clippers are most often used for trimming the nails of dogs and cats, but for rounded, smooth nails, adding a dremel to the process gives a great finish that’s ideal for hardwood floors, and gentler on everything they touch.

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Tips from the Top


Spot spoke to this extraordinary group of award-winning professionals considered top in the field of grooming. Here they each offer their TOP THREE TIPS for anyone choosing a groomer, or generally making decisions about grooming for their pet.  

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