Salty’s welcomes new addition

Nancy Fedelem is at it again. The local businesswoman, animal advocate and friend of many opened South Paw Neighborhood Pet Supply on Portland’s South Waterfront in late January. Her flagship store, Salty’s Pet Supply, opened 12 years ago; sister store Fang & Feather is 4.

While South Paw opened “at the worst possible time” given this winter’s ice and snow, Nancy happily reports that, “We had customers before we even opened,” including some they see every day. Located in a mixed-use building with residents up top, Nancy and her staff are already busy doing something they do best: building community.

“It’s such a great area,” says Nancy, “and so different from our other locations. You can be out walking and take the footbridge, be on either the east or west side of the river, and there’s great parks and shops. It’s pretty exciting — the South Waterfront is the new happenin’ place!”

Store Manager Bonnie and Receiving Specialist Alex run the store, says Nancy, and they’re getting great reviews. “I get awesome feedback about them. They have incredible knowledge and are doing an excellent job.” So good, in fact, that the building manager said, “They’re so great, I wish I could steal them!” A pet parent with a puppy and an older dog herself, the manager told Nancy that Bonnie and Alex always help with her pet issues, offering great suggestions.

The community has been equally enthusiastic in embracing South Paw. Nancy and her team love it when the building management buys residents goodie bags to say thank you for being great neighbors. “They’ll pop in and say, ‘We need to do a bag for Janice' (a beloved 12-year-old Malinois) — it’s so fun,” Nancy smiles.

Nancy Fedelum (right) loves spending time with her human and animal customers

Nancy Fedelum (right) loves spending time with her human and animal customers

The success of the Salty’s family of stores is no surprise given Nancy’s dedication to community, excellent service, high-quality products, and having fun. Her community spirit was recognized in 2015 with the Small Business Spirit Award from the Small Business Administration, in part for “her business prowess and commitment to the business community, pets, and their owners.”

Nancy and her team’s love of fun shows up in many ways, including their pleasure in selling ‘body parts.’ “Knee caps, chicken feet, trachea, ears, and scapula,” Nancy laughs. “We love body parts — they’re fun to sell.”

In keeping with her tradition of supporting community events, South Paw is a sponsor of the Portland Farmers Market — where the shop will offer products, including the famed body parts.

Nancy also finds fun in having shops in three unique neighborhoods. “I was at South Paw with Parker (her 10-year-old pup and longtime mascot of all her stores) when three gentlemen from out of town came in.  We chatted, and as they readied to leave, one said: ‘You don’t know how much I needed that’ [petting Parker]. Then, days later I was at Salty’s, and those same three men came in. That’s what I love about having multiple stores — it’s really rewarding.” Nancy also really loves that “Parker, who’s often with me, brings so much joy to people.”

The Salty’s family of stores does that, too. See for yourself — with better weather on the horizon, a Grand Opening celebration is in the works, planned for late April. Get details and keep pace with all the fun on Facebook at SouthPawNeighborhoodPetSupply, and on the store’s website, coming soon:

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Kristin Dael is a freelance writer and the alter ego of Jennifer McCammon. She lives in Portland with her pups, and strives to produce articles that inform, edify, engage and entertain.

Meat turns 12

Heidi Leideker and her team at Meat for cats and dogs recently celebrated the store’s 12th anniversary.

The popular pet supply store specializes in raw food and holistic diets for cats and dogs. Since opening in 2005, Meat has become a hub for pet lovers, and the dedicated staff loves their community — happily helping pet parents with questions about diet, nutrition, and related concerns.

In addition to complete nutrition, Meat also carries a wide selection of toys, leashes, apparel, chewies, and everything else a furry friend might like. Of course, pets are welcome to accompany their people in the shop.

Meat’s mission is to make feeding dogs and cats a healthy, natural diet as easy and affordable as they can. Also very dedicated to animal welfare and the community, the Meat team frequently hosts animal rescues with pets in need of forever homes, and holds fundraisers and supply drives for local pets in need.

Stop by and say hi at 2244 E Burnside in Portland.  Learn more at

Take a drive-thru Portland’s new pet supply

Oregon scores another first with the July opening of The Filling Station Pet Supplies in SW Portland. The nation’s first drive-thru pet supply store gives on-the-go pet owners a one-stop option for taking care of their pets’ needs, great for those with small children or pets in the car.

In addition to the drive-thru, The Filling Station offers 1,800 SF of retail space designed to give customers a warm, fun shopping experience that has levels of interaction for pet owners and their pets.  A “Taster Wall” filled with dry cat and dog kibble samples gives a “try before you buy” option, and display tables are designed as safe havens for dogs to lie underneath while their owners get advice on nutrition, behavior and products.

This is the second pet supply store for owner Laura Amiton, having owned the Healthy Pets Northwest store on Alberta for 11 years. The product mix of natural foods and local products of Healthy Pets Northwest is mirrored at The Filling Station.

“It was important to me to look at all the possible ways pet owners shop,” says Amiton, “and design a store around what they said was missing. What I learned confirmed my instincts. Pet owners want the best products they can find, they want excellent customer service, and a more convenient experience near where they work and live.” Learn more at

Official grand opening celebration scheduled for Oct. 3, 10-7pm.

Green Dog sits top of the heap


For the second consecutive year, Mike and Christine Mallar’s Green Dog Pet Supply won 1st Place in the Holistic Merchant category. They also won 1st Place for Neighborhood Pet Supply, 2nd for Food Consultant, a category new this year, and 3rd for Food.  They also ranked top 10 for Specialty Boutique, Apparel, and Gear — altogether a fantastic showing.

In business since 2004, Green Dog opened with a commitment to provide holistic nutrition and information to customers.  “We started with that as our mission,” says Christine.  “We’ve always been nutrition geeks ourselves, and have hired people with the expectation that they are going to need to do a lot of homework.  If people want more information about kidney disease, we’ll put together a compilation from several reliable sources and email it to them.  We’ve always tried really hard to get tools and knowledge into people’s hands.”

That kind of commitment comes through loud and clear when talking with loyal Green Dog customers.  “I think Christine and Mike are two of the most approachable, knowledgeable pet people in town,” says customer Reed Coleman, who regularly shops at Green Dog for her family’s three dogs, Grace, Otis and Royce.  Coleman says staff are patient when helping with dietary concerns, offering advice, and even consulting with her veterinarian.  “You don’t feel dumb, intimidated or pressured,” says Coleman.  “They have great ideas, alternatives and options.  They see it like a puzzle that they want to figure out.”

Connie Christensen agrees.  A newer customer, Christensen discovered Green Dog when seeking a particular brand of holistic food for one of her dogs.  She was impressed with the staff’s knowledge.  “No matter who you talk to, they understand their products and what they’re all about,” she says.

“I have such rock star employees,” says Christine Mallar.  “It’s not uncommon for them to come in on days off to tell me about an article they just read — it’s fantastic.  We’re all interested and want to share what we learn with each other.”

Aside from a deep knowledge of animal nutrition, Green Dog offers the kind of understanding and support you expect from a dear friend when faced with some of the more serious issues involved in pet parenthood.  Ron Haber had been a regular customer, purchasing food for his two aging kitties, Angus and Willie, who required extra dietary support as they aged.  “I had a lot of questions and they were really helpful.  They are serious about keeping up on food choices.  As individuals it’s hard to know everything, so they really do a lot of that research for you.  Sometimes I would ask a question and they would say, ‘Let me find out,’ and research it and get back to me with an answer.  That’s so rare.” Haber sadly lost Angus and Willie recently, but he will always appreciate Green Dog’s help and compassion during difficult times.  “If I ever get other animals, which I’m sure I will, I’ll be going there.”


For her part, Christine Mallar feels the relationship between staff and customers is a two-way street.  “We are lucky; we have great customers.  They are so into being a part of it and we try to foster that.”

Green Dog Pet Supply

4327 NE Fremont St, Portland.

503-528-1800 *

Care and Commitment to Pet Health


Mike and Christine Mallar, owners of Green Dog Pet Supply in Portland, take pride in keeping their customers’ pets healthy.  Mike grins broadly when telling of recently helping a dog owner change her dog’s diet.  Turning digestive disasters into more healthy, happy pets is what keeps the Mallars going, and a big reason NW pet lovers voted Green Dog this year’s Top Dog Neighborhood Pet Supply AND Holistic Merchant.

Mike says it’s like a lightbulb moment when he’s able to help people realize the connection between their pets’ food and their health, and that food value is much more than a price point.  Mallar loves knowing he’s making a difference.  He says seeing a pet’s improved appearance and the owner’s satisfaction makes the job of running a neighborhood business worth all the hard work.  Personal service, care and commitment to health for pet cats and dogs are the Mallars’ mantra.  Add to that their passion for local products — from handmade cat toys to pottery dog treat jars and special treats for chickens — and you get a shop that wears the label “neighborhood” — not to mention “Top Dog” — proudly. - Gail Krueger


2013 Top Dog - Neighborhood Pet Supply


By a Landslide!

4327 NE Fremont   St., Portland, OR

Get to know Green Dog - Feature Story

2nd Place: Nature's Pet Market

Multiple Locations in Oregon and Washington

3rd Place: Meat for Cats and Dogs

2250 E Burnside, Portland, OR

PetUtopia . . . Top Dog in many ways

PetUtopia rocks the Northwest as Spot’s 1st Place Top Dog Award winner in both the Boutique and Neighborhood Pet Supply categories. They also were voted #2 in Apparel, and won notable mention for Pet Event and Holistic Merchant.  Spot chatted with owner/operator Margie Vincent-Roberts about her great showing, and what else is shaking at PetUtopia, which is starting the new year with a great new look thanks to a recent facelift.