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Going Holistic - It sounds good, but what does it really mean?

Organic . . . GMO . . . All-Natural . . . Free Range. . . No Preservatives . . . Toxin-Free  

These terms may seem like marketing buzzwords, smattering the labels on everything from pet food to toys, health treatments and more, but in fact their purpose is to help consumers know what is actually in the products they buy.  But what, exactly, are we looking for?

Everyone wants what’s best for their pets, and when asked to choose a food with no added fillers and pure ingredients over a product that makes no such claim, most will want the more natural choice.  But what do these words really mean, and how does one make the best choices for their pets?

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Keeping tabs on the ever evolving, fast-changing matter of FOOD

Part 1 in a series 

Once there were essentially two options: wet or dry. Today food choices for your furry family member abound, and choosing can be confusing! Which is best? Why such different opinions among raw feeders and kibble feeders, home-made feeders, and veterinarian recommendations? In this series we’ll debunk some of the common misconceptions about various feeding methods, share some of the pros and cons, and leave it up to you to choose what’s best for your baby.

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Don’t Eat That!

If you are grossed out by your Cophrophagia dog, aka a dog THAT EATS FECES, read on. Most of us can deal with the fact that our beloved fido is eating the feces of other animals, however, when they turn to eating their own, it’s a lot to handle. Imagining our dogs chowing down on a pile of poo and then later licking our face — without the consideration of brushing or even rinsing — is cause for nausea. 

Why do dogs eat poop? For a variety of reasons. Poor diet, boredom, instinctual habits from mother dogs eating their pups’ feces to hide them from predators, and sometimes an accidentally reinforced behavior are just a few of the possibilities. So how do we fix this natural but disgusting habit?

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