This tiny Terrier mix weighs 8lbs and is about 11 years old. Adopted from St Martin’s a couple of years ago, she returned to the rescue when her adopter could no longer care for Bianca due to serious financial and life issues. When first rescued, Bianca had rotten teeth and mammary tumors. Her teeth extracted (by necessity) and tumors removed, Bianca is now a healthy, lively girl! She loves car rides, is good on leash, and has excellent potty habits. She’s a great lap dog and not a barker, so will do great in an apartment. She does needs secure fencing or potty walks on leash as she can escape through anything! To learn more about Bianca or for an adoption application, email



This 11 pound, 12-year-old cutie was rescued from a high-kill shelter in California. His few remaining teeth had to be removed, so now his little tongue stick out. He's so cute! A past trauma/injury in one eye means he sees out of just one, but he does great! He is a good eater, and just a little independent clown of a guy! To learn more or to meet this sweet boy, email

Obi Wan Kanobee


Hi! My foster says I am one cool dog! I’m a small (under 25 lbs) mixed Terrier about 8, and a joyful clown! I do great on leash, and at visits to the vet and groomer. I do need meds for Cushing’s disease and thyroid (about $75/month), so they say I’m “special needs.” But that doesn’t slow me down! I’m funny, playful, and loaded with character! I’m housetrained but am working on the occasional accident. I do great with other dogs, but cats and really young kids not so much. I do great with everyone else though, and I’d LOVE to meet you! To learn more or make a date, please email



This special girl was tossed from a truck and left to die. She is blind, had foxtails, fleas, and diarrhea, and was emaciated and matted. Her health issues are resolved and diet manages her digestive system. Her weight and skin are now healthy. She is gentle, quiet, and good with other animals and people.

St Martins Animal Rescue is seeking a forever home, fospice (meaning fostered with lifelong support), or foster to adopt home for Trudy. About 8, she is a Miniature Schnauzer who looks a little worse for the wear (who wouldn’t!), has a stiff gait and does not like handling. She recognizes familiar voices and prances when she hears them. Trudy needs a compassionate family who’ll give her the loving life she never had but richly deserves. Contact

Paws for Celebration supports St. Martin’s Rescue

St. Martin’s Rescue, a nonprofit, no-kill, special needs, medical and senior dog rescue is known for helping pets with some of the most heartbreaking histories find forever loving homes. “We rescue dogs from high-kill shelters, provide all medical care and adopt them into loving, fully vetted homes,” says director Susan Licari. 

You can support or be a part of this very special foster-based organization.  The group’s annual fundraiser, Paws for Celebration, is happening Apr. 9, 10am-1pm, at Sage Wellness Center in Beaverton. Learn more at


Hi there!  If you love littles, you’ll love ME — Eddy!  I’m an 8-year-old mini Schnauzer and they say I’m a special little guy! I’m fully vetted, but have some spinal compression which makes it a little tough to know when I need to make big potty.  But with just a little attentiveness, you can read the signs and be able to get me outside in plenty of time. I am otherwise healthy for my age, and I’m great with mellow dogs. Not so good with cats or kids, I have to say, because of my small stature. I will do best in a home with someone who works from home or is not gone for long periods of time so I can go potty outside when needed. Please learn more about me, and come meet me! I just might be the joy of your life!  And for sure, you could be mine! To learn more or meet Eddy, email stmartinsanimalrescue@hotmailcom.


Henry is a very sweet 8-year-old Poodle who weighs about 22lbs. He has compromised vision, but this smart boy figures out his digs very quickly. He is fully housetrained and is a good boy with other dogs, kitties and humans. To learn more about Henry, or to meet this absolute sweetheart, email

Trixie and Kia

These two are the sweetest girls you could ever meet! They are mother and daughter purebred Shih Tzus, and are so bonded that they must be adopted together. Trixie is 15 years old, and Kia is about 8. You would not know their ages, though! Both girls are very healthy, with bright eyes and clear and fabulous teeth. They both have great energy, and still have a lot of life and love to give their special someone. Trixie and Kia are house-trained, good with all people of all ages, and good with kitties and other dogs. If you are interested in learning more about them or meeting them, please contact St. Martin’s Animal Rescue at


This gorgeous, healthy 2-3-yo purebred Poodle was found stray at a state park. He landed at animal control where he struggled, and no one came to claim him. He got a bad-boy rep after getting nippy with a shelter volunteer who moved in too fast. Felix can be sweet and loving, loves his toys, and sometimes just needs a little space. He’s housetrained, great on leash and in the car, and … no shedding! He is dog selective, okay with cats, and will do best in a family of adults or with older teens. He needs a secure yard and regularly grooming. To learn more or meet this beautiful boy, email


This awesome 2-year-old is always wagging his tail! A possible Corgi mix, Normie is 18 lbs of sensitive boy. He needs a calm, dog-experienced family of adults or with older kids who understand his fears — is not good with other dogs and is possessive of food, treats and toys. He is crate-, house- and leash-trained, and loves to explore, so needs a fully fenced yard. He loves to play and snuggle. To learn more or meet this lil pip, email