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Remembering a Treasured Hero

Excerpted from ACA's Sept. '11 newsletter

We have had many dogs over the years in our Breed who have left an impression.  Some in the obedience, rally or agility ring, others in therapy work. 

. . . Our dream ambassador might have a long and distinguished track record as a therapy dog, working at hospitals, children's camps or prisons.  Excelled in various competitions . . . winning awards from the AKC (ACE) and OHS (Diamond Collar Hero Award).

Oh wait . . . a good therapy dog might also cross into the realm of the National Animal Assisted Crisis Response Team, traveling to console those affected by tragedies such as those at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois Universities. To do this effectively, the dog must be able to read people, knowing when to just “be there” and when to display his fun-loving, willing-to-please personality.

We've been fortunate these past years to know just such a dog, an outstanding companion we recently lost.  His name was Zadok.

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