Featured . . . A truer heart you will not find

Tank is an 11-year-old Pit mix who is an absolute lover. He enjoys giving kisses, taking gentle walks, and chasing tennis balls. It's hard to believe this boy is 11! He can fit up to three tennis balls in his mouth at a time, and loves showing them off. He enjoys destuffing stuffy toys, but is truly a gentle giant.

Everyone at Greenhill Humane loves this boy. He gets tucked in every night by kennel staff, who wrap him in blankies and cuddle him before turning the lights out. He has been at the shelter since October, having come in as part of a bonded pair. Tragically, his 13-year-old sister Sheeba passed away due to health issues, so now Tank is alone. His friends at Greenhill will care for him and soothe his heartache for as long as he needs, but only the love of a family will truly mend his broken heart. Tank has been loving for 11 years now, and has so much left to give! Will you open your heart to his? 

To meet Tank, contact Greenhill Humane Society @ green-hill.org org, 541-689-1503.