Hi, I'm Hubert!

Do you like other dogs? At the shelter I have been reactive and show that I do not like other dogs. I need to be the only animal in the home.

What do you think about cats? I have no history with cats but it is recommended that I go to a cat free home due to my lack of training and impulse control.

So how do you feel about kids? I have a handling sensitivity and don't like to be grabbed or overly touched. I would not do well around young kids but teenagers who can respect my space would be okay.

What's your ideal home like? I need a home with very experienced dog owners, someone with mastiff experience would be a plus. I'm very sensitive to handling and will need lots of space until I warm up too you. I can be very mouthy when I get excited and playful and will need continued training in this area. I'm also very strong and need someone that is able to handle my strength. I should not live in an apartment due to how loud I can be. My dream home would be a house with a fully fenced yard. 

What is it that staff and volunteers love about you? Staff member Stacy loves when I sit down next to her and put my head in her lap and gaze at her with my big brown eyes or when I sit on her feet. She also loves to watch me run around the yard and play with my toys. 

Is there anything else we should know about you? I'm 2 years old and weigh 100 pounds. I do have a behavior waiver that talks about when I accidentally bit a volunteers finger a little too hard when taking a treat and made them bleed.

My adoption fee includes my spay/neuter, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, certificate for a free veterinary exam, post-adoption support and more!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me! If you think we would be a good match come on down and ask to meet me! I'm looking for my forever home and it could be with you!

ADOPTION INFORMATION: If you live in the city of Eugene or in Lane County you will be purchasing a dog license in addition to the adoption fee. You will get to choose between a one year, two year, or three year license. This pet is located at 1st Avenue Shelter. 3970 W. 1st Avenue Eugene, OR 97402 (541) 844-1777. See all of the pets at this shelter by visiting


Meet Camie (Oh, that SMILE!!)

Meet Camie! She’s an 8 year old American Staffordshire terrier mix with a black and white coat. This beautiful girl has a natural smile that would brighten anyone’s day! Camie is very shy when meeting new people and she may potentially be deaf, or at least hard of hearing, so she is looking for a home that will be patient and go slow until she warms up to you. Once she is comfortable with you, she is the sweetest lady who is looking for a big fluffy bed to lounge around. Staff love taking her outside to sunbathe and say she wanders around sniffing the yard but will come back to check in and get pets!

Camie should be the only dog in her family and would need any kitty siblings to be dog-savvy. Kids should be older and respectful of her space. This sweet girl will would make the best companion to any loving family!

If you are interested in adopting a dog, or would like to learn more about adding a dog to your family, please visit 1st Avenue Shelter Tues. – Sat., 10 am – 6 pm (closed Sun. & Mon.) at 3970 W. 1st Avenue in Eugene. For more information call (541) 844.1777 or visit


Spotlight on...The Schipperke


Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Size:  Small 10-16 lbs

Grooming needs:  Medium, Heavy Seasonal Shedder

Exercise:  High

Environment:  Indoor, Fenced Yard

Temperament:  Intelligent, Mischievous, Active

Life Expectancy:  15 years 

Interesting Fact: The Schipperke is a Belgian breed that dates back several hundred years. Originally sheep herders, they were later used as a ratter on barges. Schipperke means “little captain” in Flemish.

Appearance: This distinctive dog is small with a thick sloping body, typically with a docked tail in the US. They have small eyes, erect ears, and a foxlike face.  Their dense coat features a large ruff of fur around the neck and a strip of hair trailing toward the rear. Their double coat is either black or blonde.

Personality: The Schipperke is very curious, active and alert. This pup wants to be involved in all family activities, but is also very independent, following his own interests. Highly intelligent, this dog needs activity to stay occupied to prevent excessive barking or destructive chewing or digging. Schipperkes are excellent watch dogs, who happily alert bark and are suspicious of strangers.

Common Health Problems: Usually a hardy and long-lived breed, occasional health issues include eye problems (cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy), hip dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease or hypothyroidism.



Best Match: The Schipperke will do well with an active household that will include him whether they are hiking or watching a movie. Good with children, this always busy dog thrives on athletic activities and interactive games. Agility courses and food dispensing toys are right up their alley.

For outdoor time it’s best to keep this dog on a leash or in a fenced yard.  Due to their creativity and propensity to chase small animals, they may get over a fence so are best supervised. 

The Schipperke pet parent doesn’t mind a heavy seasonal shedder who needs brushing two or three times a week. Twice yearly the entire soft undercoat will shed and they must be brushed daily during this period.  

Not the best match for a first-time dog owner, Schipperkes have a strong temperament and can be challenging to train.  

Featured Adoptable: Evelyn is a 10 lb, 8-year-old Schipperke/Terrier mix active on the go dog. Adjusting to city life, she is a fast learner and loves daily walks, small forest hikes or trips, and the beach. She also loves other dogs and gets along with the young cat in her foster home. She is confident, sweet, full of life, and ready for her forever family! To meet her, contact the Pixie Project at


Megan Noes lives in New York City, with her husband, Jacob, Frenchie Bulldog, Nono, and a revolving door of foster kittens. She works for a major animal welfare organization and loves her former home in the Pacific Northwest.  


Rescue Me Suzy.jpg

I bet you’ve been thinking you’d like a new friend — preferably a Jack Russell with wisdom and maturity. I’m Suzy, and I’m your girl! I’m 12, and 11 pounds of canine cuddles. I was adopted once and got returned — I just didn’t get along with the other dog. A lady has opinions. I spend time in staff offices at Greenhill, and they say I’m a very good girl! If you’re looking for a fabulous only pet, please come meet me at, 541-844-1777.



This independent 6 year old longs to be your only kitty so she can have all the love to herself. She’s a lovely gal with a great heart who enjoys pets and rubs! She's independent, so she can also be self-entertained when she needs a break or a nap in the sunshine, warming her soft bunny fur. Gabrielle may need a little time to adjust to her new home, but once she settles, she's all you could hope and more! This easy-going gal will fill your heart and home with love and joy. Meet her and fall in love at Cat Adoption Team’s Sherwood shelter, 14175 SW Galbreath Drive | 503-925- 8903 |



This active, attention-seeking 4 year old has a one-of-a-kind personality! Arriving at CAT via Utah, she has spent time in the shelter recovering from a URI and finding her true colors. She’s curious and opinionated, and may occasionally try to test your limits to get her own way. She’s affectionate when she wants to be, vocal about attention, and loves playing with wand toys and catnip! Tulip will probably need some space and time to come out of her shell in her new home, but with her sassy personality and confidence, she’ll be a wonderful addition to the family. Meet her today at Cat Adoption Team’s Sherwood shelter, 14175 SW Galbreath Drive | 503-925- 8903 |



This pretty little white and marmalade senior needs a second chance.  Her foster mom says her super-sweet disposition makes her a wonderful companion.  She loves to snuggle in bed at night!  Hermione has no health issues.  Like many older gals her vision isn't what it once was but she does just fine.  She has great house manners, which is perfect as she should be an indoor-only kitty.  She will do best in an adult home, and she only really needs YOU to be truly happy.  

Hermione is currently on minor food additives to help her eyes remain strong.  She is an easy keeper and she enjoys canned food and quality kibble.  She can be adopted through our Seniors 4 Seniors adoption program.  We love our sweet senior gal and know she has many years of companionship still to share with you.   Will you be the one she gives her heart to? For additional info contact Cat's Cradle Rescue 503-320-6079.



This tiny Terrier mix weighs 8lbs and is about 11 years old. Adopted from St Martin’s a couple of years ago, she returned to the rescue when her adopter could no longer care for Bianca due to serious financial and life issues. When first rescued, Bianca had rotten teeth and mammary tumors. Her teeth extracted (by necessity) and tumors removed, Bianca is now a healthy, lively girl! She loves car rides, is good on leash, and has excellent potty habits. She’s a great lap dog and not a barker, so will do great in an apartment. She does needs secure fencing or potty walks on leash as she can escape through anything! To learn more about Bianca or for an adoption application, email



This 11 pound, 12-year-old cutie was rescued from a high-kill shelter in California. His few remaining teeth had to be removed, so now his little tongue stick out. He's so cute! A past trauma/injury in one eye means he sees out of just one, but he does great! He is a good eater, and just a little independent clown of a guy! To learn more or to meet this sweet boy, email

Maxwell Smart


This little guy is great on leash, crate and potty trained, cuddly, and good with kids, cats, and other dogs. His foster mom just calls him perfect! This 8 lb, 10-year-old cutie loves lap time, walks, is great on leash, and just loves everyone he meets! 

Maxwell was surrendered to a high-kill shelter because of his age....some people just don’t appreciate the magic of an old soul! He deserves a loving lap and cuddles through his golden years.

To learn more or to meet Max, email My Way Home adopts in the Portland area only.