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Greg and Biscuit

Greg and Biscuit

True or False:  "Biscuit & The Fuzzbillies" is the name of an acoustic headliner at this year's Northwest String Summit

The answer?  False — it's how 94/7 FM's popular morning radio host Greg Glover refers to his family of celebrity pets. "Biscuit" is an impish Terrier mix who shares his home with feline "fuzzbillies" Kudzu, Lyla and Dixie, as well as Greg's fiancee and business partner, Alana Jevert. 

"I don't have children so my pets ARE my kids," says Greg, who adopted every member of his household (except Kudzu, who was found abandoned in SE Portland) from the Oregon Humane Society, where he volunteered for a while. 

"If I'm around the [animals], I want all of them," he laughs.  "I'd start collecting." 

That's a problem not because Greg doesn't enjoy the idea of having a house full of animals; in fact, he talks wistfully about having a Hemingway Home full of cats.  Limiting his number of pets is necessary due to an extremely busy life that not only includes a full-time radio job, but a gig as proprietor of Commercial Astoria, a quirky/cool retail store in the coastal town where he, Alana, and Biscuit spend most every weekend. 

Both professions and his current hometown are literally and figuratively miles from where Greg started. Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama he thought he might become a professional baseball player. However, music's pull was too strong, and after earning a degree at the University of South Florida, he moved to New York City for a job with London Records. 

The Fuzzbillies

The Fuzzbillies

Through all the moves and changes, Greg’s beloved first cat McKee was by his side.  She died at 16, and Greg has her memorialized with a beautiful tattoo on his arm.  "I was devastated when she passed away," he says.  "I guess it's now taken three more fuzzbillies to try and fill the void." 

Greg went on to start his own independent record label and signed the band Harvey Danger, whose song "Flagpole Sitta" sold half a million units and is still getting regular airplay 17 years after its release — including on 94/7 FM, where Greg is now the morning drive host. 

While on that subject, here's another True or False query for you:  Greg secretly hates his radio job. 

Ok, that's a trick question.  The answer is (mostly) false. 

"The host of the longest-running local morning show in the [Portland] market hates public speaking, it's true," he says.  "But over time, I've learned to do it."

He's also come to love the job, which he landed about 10 years ago when Program Director Mark Hamilton was reinventing 94/7 FM a bit.  "He wanted his new on-air personalities to possess music knowledge rather than just hiring typical DJs," Greg explains.  "And that's how I got my foot in the door." 

By the way, that foot is usually wearing Clarks Originals of England, a shoe worn by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and The Who, as well as ‘90s britpop stars like Oasis.  "I've got nearly 20 pair of various styles but my favorite is their classic Desert Boot," says Greg.  "As a music fan I couldn't help but take notice!" 

Here's one final Greg Glover True or False question:  The morning show host of a proudly modern, alternative radio station is a fan of arena rocker Billy Squier, and his prize possession is an original KISS pinball machine. 

True.  "It's pretty much the Holy Grail of my childhood," Greg says.  "I'm a very nostalgic person." 

Which is lucky for all of his fans, because Greg is getting married later this year and that means there will be plenty of pictures of the nuptials for us to enjoy.  And will his furry family members be part of the wedding?  "Biscuit has to get involved," Greg confirms.  "I’ve already bought his tuxedo t-shirt."

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