Meet Jolynn Winter!

Dignified Pet Services presents 'People in the Neighborhood'

How is Jolynn Winter — radio anchor and busy real estate pro — celebrating the new year? 

"I'm on my way to a fry party," she laughs in her warm, throaty way. "A neighbor fries a turkey during the holidays and invites people over to fry up whatever they want. I'm taking Twix candy bars stuffed in a Twinkie, wrapped in bacon then dipped in batter."

 Talking to Jolynn, it's apparent she is someone who really knows how to "do" life well. 

"I enjoy living life to the fullest," she affirms. 

And full it is: In addition to being a morning anchor and reporter at KEX 1190AM, she's also a successful real estate agent for Keller-Williams — a career she launched after leaving her long-time stints on local country stations, The Wolf and then KUPL. 

While both professions require excellent communication skills that seems to be where the similarity ends. "They're really not alike at all which is why I love doing them both," she says. 

Jolynn also loves animals, and has since growing up in Northeast Iowa.  

"I used to drive my mother crazy 'cause I would bring home every stray cat in the neighborhood, or any bird that had broken a wing," she says. "I did want to be a veterinarian, but then I realized that you had to know a little bit about science." 

Jolynn got her first dog as a result of her stealth devotion to a neighbor's Beagle named Lucky.  

"I was just a little kid so I didn't know any better, but I would wear this big flowered jumpsuit thinking I would be able to disguise myself as a patch of flowers," she recalls. "That way nobody would see me when I would go over and play with the dog and take him for a walk." 

Eventually Lucky became her dog for real when the neighbor moved and offered him to Jolynn's family, knowing how attached she was.  

"Lucky was with us until I was in college," Jolynn says. "He died a happy old Beagle." 

Today she shares her home with Brad, her husband of 16 years, a cat named Colton, four chickens, and two beloved Dalmatians, Oly and Bomber. She became a fan of the athletic, spotted canines after falling in love with a puppy at a local shelter. She left to do some research on the breed, then returned to adopt. The pup was already gone. 

"But by then I was hell-bent on getting one," she says. After a friend told her about a litter that had been born months before, Jolynn knocked on the door in time to get the last pup. She's been spoiling Dalmatians ever since.  

"My animals are my family," she says. "The dogs even get meatloaf birthday cakes and Christmas presents." 

Those fortunate canines also occasionally get to romp leashless in the hills around Jolynn's Northwest Portland home, a house they love for its easy access to the river. 

"We love to go fishing, particularly salmon fishing. It's even more fun when you're eating them," she says.  

All very wholesome.  Jolynn does admit to one guilty pleasure: "I'm one of the '50 Shades of Grey' gals, and I am looking forward to the movie in February," she confesses. "It's a Cinderella story with handcuffs." 

Which might lead one to guess that Jolynn's favorite shoes would be strappy designer heels — but actually, the footwear this jovial redhead says fit her best are Sorel boots. 

"Those are boots I strap on when I go hiking up the hill on a wet day. I use these boots to clean my chicken coop out. They're comfortable — I'm not a highbrow person. These boots are me." 

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Michele Coppola is a veteran Portland radio personality and copywriter for Entercom Radio as well as the new Managing Editor for Spot Magazine. She shares a home and couch space with her three rescue pooches Lucy, Bailey, and Ginny--as well as Bryon, the stray man she married six years ago.