Meet Jaime Ross

Dignified Pet Services presents 'People in the Neighborhood'

Staying organized and on top of things comes naturally to the general manager of A Dog’s Best Friend Doggy Daycare’s two Vancouver locations. Formerly an administrator/executive assistant, Jaime never imagined herself in the pet business, but when friend and former employer Anne Nipp acquired the businesses in 2011, she recruited Jaime to manage them.

“Without Anne’s support, leadership and encouragement I couldn’t have done this,” Jaime says, “and I would have missed the opportunity to run a business and realize my potential. Without Anne there is . . . no Jaime.”

Afraid of dogs growing up, when she was 13, her family got a shelter dog. “But that dog did nothing but lay around all day!” Jaime laughs. In the daycare setting, of course, the dogs are active.  “It took me almost two years [into the business] to fully overcome my fear and get comfortable in the playgroup setting.”

Today Jaime not only runs doggie playgroups, but conducts assessments and more.

This friendly ‘girl next door’ lives in Battleground with her 10-year-old son Gracen, husband Matt, two dogs, Gigi and Gypsy (a puppy); three chickens; and Gracen’s Leopard Gecko named Sally.

A self-proclaimed foodie, Jaime loves to cook and trying new foods. “Recently I had beef tongue. One of my favorites is steak tar-tar with raw quail eggs. I realize it’s not for everyone,” she laughs, “but I’m always up for trying what is different on any menu. Some of my favorite Portland restaurants are Beast and Andina.”

“I think my son has picked up my food habits,” Jaime adds. “His favorite thing is to pick out weird cheeses from Whole Foods or Zupan’s. He loves cheese of any kind, and he also loves seafood.”

The shoe that is ‘so Jaime’? “I love my Tom’s! They’re so adaptable, comfortable, and come in so many styles and colors. I like that they go with anything — I can wear them with a summer dress and they look perfect!” She owns several pairs, in various styles and colors.

Her guilty pleasure? “Reality TV,” she admits. “I am into the bridal shows … anything bridal, I love,” she laughs, “and Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie,” says this true romantic.

If she weren’t managing a busy pet business, Jaime says she would likely be in event planning, doing something like … weddings (surprise!). Volunteering at her son’s private school, planning annual auctions, allows her to feed this passion.

Jaime’s hobbies include scrapbooking and time with family. “We have a place about an hour and a half away at Lake Mayfield. It’s a campers club and we have a permanent trailer there. I feel like the stresses of the world fall away the minute we drive through the gates. My son can run free and it’s just a safe happy place for our family.”

Among the many items on her bucket list, Jaime plans to go sky diving with her husband. Also on her list are dancing with her son on his wedding day, cheering when he graduates from high school and college, and staying in a glass-floor hut over the ocean. She also dreams of getting a home with a walk-in closet, big bath tub and inside laundry room, as well as a “park model” — a little 400 square-foot house to replace their trailer — with a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bath.

Finally, she wants to obtain her Dog Trainers certification, and possibly start her own animal rescue.

While Jaime radiates a fun, girl-next-door vibe, she is also clearly a woman of substance. 

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Melinda Thompson is a freelance writer with a degree in Speech Communications and a coveted "Ducktorate" from the Walt Disney World Company. She has been featured in many local magazines and newspapers.  She lives in Vancouver USA with her husband, son and daughter.