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Meet Kayte Wolf

Philadelphia transplant, Kayte Wolf, moved to Portland eight years ago with three friends. She’s never looked back.  A lover of the outdoors, Kayte can often be found hiking, running, kayaking or walking her beloved rescue dog, Baxter, a Wirehaired Dachshund who was fortunate enough to be rescued from a puppy mill with 117 other dogs.  

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Meet Georgia Butterfield

A fearless defender of pets in need, she is occasionally daunted — like the time three corrections officers pounded on the door as she was rescuing a cat. Georgia's big, country music-loving heart champions pets that others have deemed unadoptable, "and we always manage to find them homes," she says with satisfaction. "It just takes a little more work." 

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Meet Shawn Riley

If you first encountered this man via a distilled bio, you might wonder if he was Superman. Shawn lives full-throttle, finding joy in everything from training dogs to mountain climbing, driving (fast!), and “watching the little finches play in the birdbath I put out for them.”

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