Meet Jody Maddox

Dignified Pet Services presents 'People in the Neighborhood'

She never dreamed she'd own her own business, but Wags! Dog Emporium in Eugene is all hers. Turns out Jody’s crazy-quilt life of experience, backed by her huge heart for animals, equips her for just about anything.

"I’ve done a lot of things in my life. I’ve been a florist, pumped gas, waited tables, flipped burgers. I was a shipping clerk and a production manager," she giggles. "I never dreamed I would be a small business owner."

Growing up with dogs and cats as family members, there was always room for strays. Born in California, followed by many years in Colorado, the now-Oregonian is deeply committed to her business and her place in the rescue community.

"Rescue became a much bigger part of my life when I opened Wags! and met so many great people in rescue. I try to help local rescue as much as I can. I adopted my first Golden Retriever from Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon in 2003. I was so impressed with the organization that I became a volunteer. Currently I’m an intake/medical coordinator for GBR."

The consummate professional has a fun, creative side: “Most people don't know that I sang and played guitar in a country/western band in my late teens," she smiles.

If she were to wander from her current career, it might be toward, "Hmm…I don’t know. Something creative — photographer maybe," she muses. "But I doubt I'd pursue it. I hope to retire in about 5 years."

To decompress, Jody’s number-one guilty pleasure is "Wine. I love Chardonnay, or any other kind of white wine, really. There’s nothing better than kicking back, sipping a nice glass of wine with my feet up and my dog Cooper near."

Cooper also makes the list of things most likely to make her giggle.

"My goofy Golden Cooper is the funnest dog I’ve ever had,” she smiles. “I also have three delightfully rambunctious granddaughters who keep me in stitches!"

Her favorite season? “Autumn. I love the warm days and cool nights."

Jody hopes people see in her honesty, reliability, and approachability. Knowing her makes it clear that’s a given.

If she could have two homes, Jody says, "One would be on the Oregon Coast. It’s just so beautiful. I love the salty air and walking with Cooper on the beach. I’d also love to live in the desert southwest, but only in the winter when it’s rainy and foggy here. I grew up in southern California and Colorado. The long stretches here without sun can be hard to take sometimes!"

What shoe is so Jody? "Comfortable tennies . . .  or flipflops,” which perfectly suit her favorite foods: "Fried Oysters! I also like Skittles a lot!" she laughs.

What fills this girl’s heart with joy? "My dog and my grandkids," she says happily. “They are so beautiful!"

As for her bucket list, Jody says, "I’d like to visit Yellowstone National Park. In fact, there are a lot of national parks I’d like to see."

In the event she wins the lottery, she’s got plans. "Buy a house on the coast. Help my family. Travel. Donate to several local animal welfare groups," she ticks off with enthusiasm and conviction. "I’d also build an animal rescue sanctuary similar to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah."

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